Monday, October 28, 2013

Republicans Going Southwest

Atlanta, GA - For the first time in recent history, the Georgia Republican Party will open regional headquarters throughout the state to enhance visibility, strengthen community ties, and drive voter turnout in targeted districts. The GAGOP will open their first regional headquarters in Southwest Georgia on Wednesday, November 6 at Noon in Albany (2516 Dawson Road, Suite D).

"The Regional Headquarters will serve as hubs for Republican clubs, organizations, and individuals who are interested in growing the Party, electing like-minded candidates, and promoting conservative values in Georgia," said Southwest Regional Director Karen Kemp. "The GAGOP is serious about investing in Southwest Georgia and the opening of this headquarters is the first step towards building a southern stronghold that can withstand the test of time."

The GAGOP Regional Headquarters will be staffed indefinitely by full-time Regional Directors, who will spearhead Voter Registration efforts, grassroots initiatives, and community-based projects.
Georgia Agriculture Commissioner Gary Black and GAGOP Chairman John Padgett will be on hand for the Grand Opening in addition to local community leaders and activists.

Source: GAGOP. Photo: Ryan Matthew Mahoney

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