Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Over 5,000 Firearm for Sale by the Sheriff Office

Starting tomorrow, one day per week for the next four weeks, an advertisement for an Invitation to Bid entitled "Disposal of Forfeited and Abandoned Firearms" will appear in the Augusta Chronicle.  Pursuant to Ga. Law such firearms obtained by Law Enforcement must be sold at auction or stored by the individual agency.

At present, we are in possession of over 5,000 firearms meeting these criteria and no longer have the space to continue to store such a large number of firearms. While NO Full auto, street combat style, stolen, illegal or firearm used in a homicide will be auctioned, a large number of handguns and hunting rifles will be included in the bid package.  The bid will not be open to the public as only licensed firearms distribution companies will be allowed to participate by law and must purchase the entire lot.

A pre-bid viewing for distributors is set for October 25th; however media will be allowed to view the firearms a day prior to the viewing. No interviews will be conducted until after  the last Bid announcement runs, which will be the morning of October 24th however if you have a specific question, I will attempt to answer it for clarity only, due to certain guidelines of the bid process.

Sheriff Richard Roundtree
Richmond County Sheriff's Office

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