This page is dedicated to celebrated quotes from politicians and others in Augusta, Georgia, and occasionally from other places. If you have a celebrated short quote to share, text me to 404-954-2623

- Commissioner Marion Williams (Pastor)
Increasing property tax to save Augusta Richmond County is a “necessary evil”
“I’m glad we’re speaking for the animals because they can’t speak for themselves”

- Augusta Mayor Deke Copenhaver warning Commissioners to behave during sessions:
The Cyber Command Center is coming to Fort Gordon: “They’re looking at us every day”
“That comes directly from the Pentagon”

- Augusta Mayor-elect Hardie Davis, co-author of the legislation that exempts manufacturers from paying sales tax on energy and leaving without much needed revenues to the city:
Imposing the tax at the local level should make the city a “revenue neutral”

- On charging nonprofit organizations fees for the basic city services provided -electricity and trash collection- to them since they already enjoy several tax exemptions, such as churches:

Commissioner Wayne Guilfoyle:
“They use our city services. But that all falls on the backs of the taxpayers.”

Mayor Elect Davis, pastor of Abundant Life Worship Center on Brown Road in South Augusta to Guilfoyle: “Have you talked to your pastor about this?”

- “I cannot work with people who have insulted me repeatedly” - Al Gray

- "Has any SPLOST ever come out perfect? No”  Commissioner Donnie Smith

- “Ben voted the way he wanted to vote. He knows he is not going to hear anything from me. The people voted for him. It is too late to bitch and moan. The game is started. You can’t change the rules in the middle of the game. We have Ben for four more years.” - Commissioner Grady Smith speaking about Commissioner Ben Hasan and his vote to increase the property tax in 7 years.

- “I think this is the case we are already pregnant and I am not sure what to do next”(…) “We are pregnant and we have to move forward” - Former Commissioner Joe Jackson on the Trade, Exhibit and Event Center a.k.a Augusta Marriott at the Convention Center.

Mayor Copenhaver: “So, is that a pregnant motion to move forward?”

- Governor Nathan Deal: "Can you get a Social Security Number?"

- Georgia’s Attorney General Sam Olens: “Religious liberty is a fundamental principle upon which our nation was founded. I applaud the U.S. Supreme Court's decision upholding this bedrock freedom, and I am proud to have joined an amicus brief supporting Hobby Lobby before the Court.”

- Representative John Barrow (District 12th) on his guns: “And ain't nobody gonna take them away.”

- Representative Paul Broun (District 10th), a physician who sits on the House Science, Space and Technology Committee, says they are “lies straight from the pit of hell.”

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