Thursday, October 3, 2013

A Running Chair for Noah

As you may be aware the Richmond County Sheriff Office (RCSO) has a running team which participates in various charity runs in this area. Some of our team members are also members of another running group named Black Girls run and often participate in the same events. During an event, it was learned that Naomi Williams has a 4 year old special needs child named Noah who is pushed by different runners during these events. Because of his disability, Noah has a special wheelchair designed for his safety but is not an ideal chair for running.

Naomi Williams recently applied for a grant that would allow her to purchase a running chair but was denied. Through donated funds, the RCSO was able to purchase a specially designed running chair for a special needs child.

The chair will be presented to Noah Friday October 4th at 2:00pm in the Sheriff’s Office conference room.

After the presentation, members of the RCSO and Black Girls run teams will then complete a 1 mile escorted run with Noah in his new chair.  Below is a photo of Noah in the chair he currently uses for runs.      

LT. Calvin J. Chew
Richmond County Sheriff's Office

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