Friday, October 25, 2013

Request to Delay Obamacare Penalty for Individuals

With the shutdown behind us, Congress can actually get back to the work you sent us here to do — like working on a long term plan to reduce our nation’s debt, and ensuring folks in the 12th District aren’t burdened by laws and regulations coming down from Washington.

This week, the House passed legislation which clears the way for deepening the Savannah Harbor.  In a rare showing of bipartisanship, the bill was passed by a vote of 417 to 3.  This single project has the ability to create the good-paying jobs we need across the entire State of Georgia.  Since coming to Congress, getting this project started has been one of my top priorities, and I’m very pleased that our entire delegation worked together in a bipartisan manner to clear this hurdle.

On October 1st, millions of Americans, including folks in our region, began using the Administration’s website to access health insurance plans they’re required to have beginning January 1, 2014.  Unfortunately, that rollout has been plagued by countless technical problems that are printing folks from enrolling in plans.  With so many problems, this week I called on the Administration to delay the penalties for the individual mandate in the health insurance plan.  This is the most practical solution to ensure that you’re not penalized because the program simply isn’t ready.  Employers were given a delay earlier this year, so it only makes sense to give individuals the same relief.  You can view my speech here.

Finally, I hope you’ll join me this Saturday, October 26th, at my “Congress on the Corner” town hall meetings in Bulloch, Toombs, and Candler Counties.  10:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.
Bulloch County "Congress on the Corner" Sugar Magnolia Bakery and Cafe 106 Savannah Avenue
Statesboro, GA. I hold these meetings regularly to visit with folks and talk about what’s going on in Washington.  They’re also a great opportunity for you to get answers to questions if you’re having trouble with a government agency.

I’m looking forward to seeing folks around the district this weekend.  As always, if I can ever be of any help to you, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

John Barrow
Member of Congress

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