Sunday, October 27, 2013

Is Sanity Returning to Congress?

Rep. Jeff Denham (CA-10) announced that he'll become the first Republican to cosponsor H.R. 15, the immigration bill introduced by Democratic leaders in the House just a few weeks ago!

This is huge!

So far lots of Republicans have been talking about immigration reform, but no one has been willing to put their name on the line – until now! Jeff Denham just stood up to his own party and sent his leadership the strongest message possible – I’m willing to sign on with Democrats in order to make sure this gets done.

Will you help us thank him?

Please call Rep. Denham's office at (202) 225-4540 and thank him for cosponsoring HR 15! His office is closed for the weekend, but we want to make sure he has a mailbox full of your messages on Monday!

This could be the moment we look back on and say – this was the tipping point that forced Republicans to support immigration reform in the House.

Rep. Denham has shown real courage and we want to make sure he knows we appreciate him. Plus, we know there are several other Republicans that could follow suit, so we want to make sure they see we can reward courage when we see it.

Please call Rep. Denham's office at (202) 225-4540 and thank him for cosponsoring HR 15!

When you call, here's what you can say: 


My name is ______ and I'm from _______, __.

I'd like to thank Rep. Denham for cosponsoring the House immigration bill. I know it took real courage for him to be the first Republican to sign on. That is true leadership. I hope he will continue to call on Speaker Boehner to bring immigration reform to a vote this year.

Please give Rep. Denham my thanks for his courage and standing up for immigrants!

When you're done, please click here and let us know how your call went.

This victory wouldn't have been possible without help from you and our friends at PICO California organizing on the ground. You helped bombard local websites in Rep. Denham's district with ads and signed petitions, just days before he announced his support for H.R. 15. You really made all the difference!

We know the path to citizenship already has the votes to pass in the House. But with some pro-reform House Republicans giving us all talk and no action, we needed Rep. Denham's bipartisan breakthrough to give them the courage to step forward and cosponsor this bill. And thanks to Rep. Denham's bravery, we're closer than ever.

Thank Rep. Denham for his leadership and courage by calling his office at (202) 225-4540 today.

Thanks for all you do,

Gabe Ortiz
America's Voice

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