Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Neighbors TIRED of Tires

ATLANTA, GA (Anibal Ibarra) - During the 2013 session of the Georgia General Assembly, House Bill 226 was passed which included changes related to tire carrier responsibilities and tire storage requirements. These changes went into effect April 30, 2013. The City of Atlanta has updated its scrap tire ordinance to comply with state law changes. The Initiative to Reduce and Eliminate Dumping (TIRED) has being working on the issue for several years educating and cleaning dumping areas.

Ban for "Illegal" Students Can't Be Lifted

ATHENS, GA (Special Report) - Four University of Georgia students asked Gov. Nathan Deal during a speech on campus Tuesday night over the state Board of Regents policy prohibiting undocumented immigrants from attending UGA and other public universities and colleges in the state. Deal said the ban can’t be overturned.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Sube impuesto a la propiedad en Augusta

AUGUSTA, GA (Anibal Ibarra) - Los propietarios de inmuebles en el condado de Richmond deberán pagar más por sus casas o terrenos. La comisión municipal aprobó el aumento del impuesto a la propiedad en 1.75 por milla y con ello una vivienda evaluada en 100 mil dólares ($100.000) por ejemplo, tendrá que abonar la suma superior a los 70 dólares más por el total de la cuenta anual. Es posible que la nueva tarifa esté llegando a su puerta a fines de setiembre. El pago total debe realizarse para noviembre.

Customers Can Shop Securely at UPS

SAN DIEGO, CA (PR) - The UPS Store, Inc., among many other U.S. retailers, recently received a government bulletin regarding a broad-based malware intrusion not identified by current anti-virus software. Upon receiving the bulletin, The UPS Store retained an IT security firm and conducted a review of its systems and the systems of its franchised center locations. The UPS Store discovered malware identified in the bulletin on systems at 51 locations in 24 states (about 1%) of 4,470 franchised center locations throughout the United States.

Migrants Deported from the U.S. in Limbo

Migrants deported from the United States sleep under a bridge on the stretch of the Tijuana River known as El Bordo, at the northwestern tip of Mexico, next to the border. Credit: Daniela Pastrana/IPS

TIJUANA, MEXICO (Inter Press Service, Daniela Pastrana) - The areas under the low bridges over a section of the canalized channel of the Tijuana River that runs along the border between Mexico and the United States have become enormous open-air toilets.

Friday, August 22, 2014

"Incident Report" on Michael Brown Death

FERGUSON, MO (PR) - On Aug. 12, the American Civil Liberties Union of Missouri asked the Ferguson Police Department to release the incident report for the Aug. 9 fatal shooting of Michael Brown. After the request was denied, the ACLU filed a Missouri Sunshine Law suit on Aug. 15. Late Thursday afternoon, the ACLU received a heavily redacted copy of the incident report. The St. Louis County Police Department had released their redacted incident report on Wednesday.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Commission Will Address Vacant Seat, Mill Rate

AUGUSTA, GA - (PR) - UPDATE: Tax hike was approved with Commissioner Ben Hasan and Mayor Deke Copenhaver votes. Commissioner Mary Davis sat between Hasan (right) and Commissioner Grady Smith, pictured at the left. The 2014 Mill Rate of 1.75 vote was possible because Commissioner Marion Williams presented as a substitute motion. The motion made first by Commissioner Wayne Guilfoyle to raise the property tax to 2.989 was never voted on in favor or against. Williams motion carried a tie 5-5 and Copenhaver broke it to pass a lesser increase.

148,000 Georgians Can Get Health Insurance

ATLANTA, GA (PR)  – Open enrollment for the Health Insurance Marketplace doesn’t start again until November 15, but a new report shows that approximately 2.7 Million people may be eligible to sign up before then. Today, Enroll America, the nation’s largest health care enrollment coalition, released a detailed analysis revealing that approximately 148,000 uninsured adults in Georgia are eligible to enroll in health coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace through a special enrollment period. The report details that those Georgians will likely experience a qualifying life event—such as moving, getting married, giving birth, or gaining citizenship—that triggers a special enrollment period, allowing them to get covered before open enrollment begins on November 15, 2014.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Korean War Veterans to be Honored

AUGUSTA, GA (PR) – Korean War veterans living at the Georgia War Veterans Nursing Home will be honored this week in a ceremony to be attended by a representative of the Republic of Korea.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Transforming Educator Preparation

AUGUSTA, GA (PR) – The College of Education at Georgia Regents University is working with a local school systems to help better prepare future teachers for the classroom.

With the support of a grant from the Georgia Network for Transforming Educator Preparation, GRU is launching a pilot program that will see faculty working with P-12 school officials to provide professional development and directly supervise teacher candidates as they learn to implement teaching strategies they learned in actual classrooms, says Dr. Paula Dahoney, Associate Dean of the College of Education.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Paying Attention to Low-Paid Workers

The Essential Economy is an occupational cluster that includes restaurant kitchen staff, janitors, landscape crews, farm workers, nursing aides, stock clerks and other non-managerial positions. The cluster spans six major economic sectors from agriculture and construction to hospitality and personal care. Workers in The Essential Economy have traditionally been described as low wage and unskilled. Their work is generally routine and labor intensive. As a group, they are undereducated and possess few, if any, educational degrees or certifications. The six sectors of The Essential Economy can be studied by business leaders, economists and elected officials to reveal valuable economic trends, patterns and information.

Vaticinan tiempos mejores para Augusta

AUGUSTA, GA (Anibal Ibarra) - Los residentes de la ciudad pueden estar confiados que días promisorios aún están por llegar. El gobierno municipal tiene sus problemas, no obstante, hay solidez financiera por lo que el condado de Richmond no sufriría el colapso experimentado por Detroit, Michigan. Una nueva generación de líderes con integridad está surgiendo en Augusta y estoy optimista, subrayó Brad Owens.