2016 Elections

ATLANTA, GA (PR) – In January, the Republican National Committee (RNC) voted to condense the Primary calendar for candidates seeking the Republican nomination in the 2016 Presidential election.

Under the newly passed rules, the traditional four early voting states – Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, and South Carolina – will cast ballots in February of 2016.  To protect the important role of these states in the nominating process, harsh sanctions will be levied against states that choose to hold early primaries or caucuses before March 2016.

While political handicappers postulate on how the new Primary calendar will impact would-be Presidential candidates, Secretary of State Brian Kemp is working towards a March 1 Primary for Georgia and is proposing a plan to ensure that the voice of the Southeastern United States is heard loud and clear at the ballot box.

Kemp has reached out to fellow states in the Southeast to join Georgia and hold their Presidential Preference Primary first on Tuesday, March 1 2016.

If scheduled and implemented, Republicans and Democrats in the South will have a real voice in the nominating process.  The South has experienced a major increase in population in recent years and this should be reflected in the Presidential Preference Primary process.

So far, Secretary Kemp has received positive feedback to his proposition from Party leaders in Georgia and Secretaries of State in the region.  He discussed his proposal with attendees at the National Association of Secretaries of State (NASS) Winter Conference in Washington D.C. 

Brian Kemp has been Secretary of State since January 2010.  Among the office’s wide-ranging responsibilities, the Secretary of State is charged with conducting secure, accessible and fair elections, the registration of corporations, the oversight and regulation of securities and the administration of professional license holders.

Key Dates in 2016

UOCAVA Deadline for Presidential Preference Primary (PPP)/Special Elections: 
Saturday, January 16

Registration Deadline for PPP/Special: Monday, February 1

Advance Voting begins for PPP/Special: Monday, February 8

Mandatory Saturday Voting for PPP/Special: Saturday, February 20 

Presidential Preference Primary (PPP)/Special Election: Tuesday, March 1 

Qualifying Dates: Monday, March 7 – Friday, March 11

UOCAVA Deadline for Primary/ Nonpartisan/Special Election: Saturday, April 9

Registration Deadline for Primary/ Nonpartisan/Special Election: Tuesday, April 26 
(Monday is Confederate Memorial Day holiday)

Advance Voting begins for Primary/Nonpartisan/Special Election: Monday, May 2

Mandatory Saturday Voting for Primary/Nonpartisan/Special Election: Saturday, May 14

Primary/General Nonpartisan/Special Election: Tuesday, May 24

UOCAVA Deadline for Primary/Nonpartisan/Special Runoff: Saturday, June 11

Registration Deadline for Primary/Nonpartisan/Special Runoff: Tuesday, April 26

Advance Voting begins for Primary/Nonpartisan/Special Runoff: Tuesday, July 5 
(Monday is Independence Day holiday)

Primary/General Nonpartisan/Special Runoff: Tuesday, July 26

UOCAVA Deadline for General/Special Election: Saturday, September 24

Registration Deadline for General/Special Election: Tuesday, October 11 
(Monday is Columbus Day holiday)

Advance Voting begins for General/Special Election: Monday, October 17 

Mandatory Saturday Voting for Genera/Special Election: Saturday, October 29 

General/Special Election: Tuesday, November 8

Registration Deadline for General/Special Runoff for Local and State Offices: 
Tuesday, October 11

General/Special Runoff for Local and State Offices: Tuesday, December 6

UOCAVA Deadline for General Runoff for Federal Offices: Saturday, November 26

Registration Deadline for General Runoff for Federal Offices: Tuesday, October 11 

Advance Voting begins for General Runoff for Federal Offices: Monday, December 19 

General Runoff for Federal Offices: Tuesday, January 10, 2017

—> Currently the Commission elections will be on the May Primary/Nonpartisan Election Ballot and the School Board will be on the November General Ballot.

One Term in Office? These elected officials are for reelection. 
Do they deserve a second chance?

Sheriff Richard Roundtree                                         Yes___ No___

Commissioner Mary Davis (District 3)                      Yes___ No___

Commissioner Sean Frantom (District 7)                  Yes___ No___

Commissioner William Fennoy (District 1)               Yes___ No___ 

Representative Rick Allen (District 12)                    Yes___ No___ 

Harold Jones II for GA State Senate (District 22)    Yes___ No___

Brian Prince (District 127)                                         Yes___ No___




January 6, 2015 114th Congress Swearing-in Day Activities

Georgia General Assembly Updates

Georgia 10th Congressional District 

11:30AM through 1:30PM- Reception and Swearing-in Activities at the Capitol Hill Club located at  300 First Street Southeast, Washington, DC 20003. We will be in the Roosevelt and Taft rooms. Please join us for appetizers as we watch Congressman-elect Jody Hice's swearing-in ceremony on the U.S. House floor. We will have a television at the reception to view the ceremony.

If you are unable to join us in Washington D.C. Please join us at Congressman-Elect Jody Hice's Monroe, Georgia Office at 11:30AM. We will have lite refreshments and view the swearing-in on television. The office is located at 100 Court Street in Monroe, Georgia. Please join us!

1:00PM through 4:00PM- Open House in Congressman-Elect Jody Hice's Washington DC office located in the Longworth Office Building. His office address is 1516. Please come by and tour Jody's office and have a coca-cola and some peanuts.

1:40PM & 2:40PM - There will be two opportunities to participate in a staff led tour of the United States Capitol. Please RSVP by January 1, 2015. There are 15 spots available for this tour. People on this tour should plan to meet in Congressman-Elect Hice's office located at 1516 Longworth 45 minutes prior to the tour.

6:00PM - Dinner with Congressman -Elect Jody Hice for a dutch treat dinner at Medium Rare. The restaurant is located at 515 8th St SE Washington, DC 20003. Please click here to view the menu. Please RSVP by January 5, 2015.

General Elections November 4, 2014

AUGUSTA, GA 11/5/2014 - The voters across our state have spoken and have rejected the fresh and new ideas of Jason Carter running for Governor and Michelle Nunn running for US Senate; in the process, our great Congressman, John Barrow, who worked tirelessly for 10 years for the 12th district was defeated. 

Of course the Richmond County Democratic Party wishes Rick Alan and the other winners good luck in representing the people of Georgia. However, the Richmond County Party stood firmly behind its principles in seeing that all of the major candidates under the Democratic banner received 60% or more of the vote in Richmond County. In addition, the work of the Party and its allies brought out a turnout of almost 50%.

What this says is that although many counties in Georgia are mired to right wing politics including rejection of Obamacare and rejection of 600,000 Georgians for health care, Richmond County voters continue to argue that we can do better and that we are ashamed of being the 50th state in unemployment and have a governor that can’t pass an ethics test.

We do applaud Representative Earnest Smith, a Democrat representing the 125 district for his victory while we are saddened by the loss of a spirited public servant Diane Evans in the 23rd Senate race.

This was a hard day for Democrats but as usual the pendulum will spring back soon enough.

Lowell Greenbaum

Chairperson, Richmond County Democratic Party

I Look Forward to Serving You

Dear Friend,

First and foremost, I would like to thank the people of the 10th District for choosing me to be their next Congressman. Team Hice has been working for more than a year to spread the message of constitutionally-limited government across the 10th District and we are ecstatic that the message has resounded so clearly with the voters. I could not be more honored to take the voice of the 10th District to Washington in January and stand strong for our Georgia values.

I wouldn’t have been able do this without the words of encouragement, prayers, and support from my family, friends and staff. My wife Dee Dee and I would like to sincerely thank everyone who participated in the campaign- whether it was knocking on doors or financial support or simply voting, each and every role meant a great deal to this victory. It will be the greatest honor to carry the voice of the 10th District to Washington. We couldn’t have done this without your help.

As I’m preparing to be your next Congressman, my door is open for you to share your concerns with me and I sincerely look forward to working for you and serving you in Congress.

Thank you,

Jody Hice


Extended hours for Advance Voting will begin Monday, October 27 through Friday, October 31, 2014 at all four locations from 8:30AM until 6:00 PM daily. The last day for Voting by Mail and Advance Voting will be Friday, October 31, 2014.

Voters seeking information may also contact the Board of Elections Office at (706) 821-2340 or www.augustaga.gov/boe .

Some Numbers

Georgia Population: 9.92 million ‎(2012) - Atlanta Population: 443,775 ‎(2012)

Estimated unregistered Hispanics voters in Georgia 80,000

Augusta Population: 195,844 (2014)

Registered Voters not Voting in Richmond County: 65,000

Unregistered Voters in Richmond County: 40,000

Richmond County Elections Results: Click Here 

Georgia Elections Results: Click Here 

Georgia Candidates - General Elections November 4, 2014

Candidates for Governor
                                                                                                                  Democratic Party Ticket
Republican Nathan Deal
Democratic Jason Carter
Libertarian Andrew Hunt

For US Senator 

Republican David Perdue
Democratic Michelle Nunn
Libertarian Amanda Swafford

For Lt. Governor

Republican Casey Cagle
Democratic Connie Stokes

For Secretary of State

Republican Brian Kemp
Democratic Doreen Carter

For Attorney General

Republican Sam Olens
Democratic Greg Hecht

For School Superintendent

Republican Richard Woods
Democratic Valarie Wilson

The voter registration deadline for the November 4, 2014 General Election is Monday, October 6, 2014. Residents desiring to register to vote, or change their name or address on the voter registration list may do so online at http://mvp.sos.state.ga.us/, at the Richmond County Board of Elections Office located at 530 Greene Street, Suite 500A in Augusta, Georgia or at the Board of Elections Office of their county of residence. 

Office hours for the Richmond County Board of Elections are from 8:30 AM until 5:00 PM. Individuals may also download the mobile app “GA Votes” or visit My Voter Page at http://mvp.sos.state.ga.us/ to register to vote, get sample ballots, locate their polling place, find out about Advance Voting, and more. Applications for voter registration will not be accepted via fax or email.

In order to be eligible to register to vote a person must be a citizen of the United States and of the State of Georgia; be at least 17 ½ years of age; be a resident of the county or municipality in which he or she seeks to vote; cannot currently be serving a felony conviction; and cannot have been judicially determined to be mentally incompetent for voting purposes.

Mail-out absentee ballots are now available upon written request. Requests may be accepted by mail, fax, email, or may be delivered to the Board of Elections Office. 

In-person Advance Voting will begin on Monday, October 13, 2014 in the Board of Elections Advance Voting Center at 530 Greene Street from 8:30AM until 5:00 PM daily. 

Weekend voting will be available on Saturday, October 25, 2014 from 9:00 AM until 4:00 PM at the Board of Elections Advance Voting Center, the Henry Brigham Recreation Center, the Diamond Lakes Regional Park, and the Warren Road Recreation Center.

Deal, Perdue, and Padgett Officially Kick-Off General Election Campaign

ATLANTA, GA (PR) 7/23/2014 - Georgia Governor Nathan Deal, Republican Senate nominee David Perdue, and Georgia Republican Party Chairman John Padgett gathered this morning at the GAGOP Headquarters in Buckhead to kick-off the General Election campaign.

"Having two proven job creators at the top of the ticket is a real asset for the Republican Party," said GAGOP Chairman John Padgett. "David Perdue is a bold leader with a stellar record in business.  We are confident in his ability to take on President Obama and Harry Reid's handpicked candidate, Michelle Nunn, and look forward to working together in the trenches to ensure victory at the ballot box."

"David and I have a lot in common," said Governor Nathan Deal. "We are both the children of two public school teachers in the state of Georgia. Both of us grew up in middle Georgia. We know the values that Georgians hold."

"I am excited about going to Washington to help fight some of the bad government policies that are keeping us from being all that we can be in this state," said David Perdue.  "My role in this campaign is to prosecute the failed record of this Democratic administration.  I believe this economy is ready to bust out if we just take some common sense, free-enterprise principles and put them to bear."


Rick Allen is running against John Barrow. DEBATE-GATE or GATED DEBATE in Evans.

Democratic John Barrow after 10 years in Congress is fighting for his political survival against Republican opponent Rick Allen. What is fascinating in the Congressional District 12th is that Barrow has being loyal to the conservatives in his district.

Nevertheless, this year he not only had lose most of the district territory (Savannah and Athens) by the redistricting maneuver led by the Georgia GOP, but also he is less to receive support from many of those conservatives, strategically behind him in the past.

By alienating the Democratic base on issues such as his vote against the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), immigration reform, Nancy Pelossi, and supporting more wars, Barrow will have to convince more voters in his political party or try very hard to recruit new voters not aware of his voting record as a "blue dog" democrat.

Political Parties in Georgia

May and July Primaries and Runoff

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