Friday, October 18, 2013

Shutdown: The End of a Legislative Coup d'état?

The government shutdown is over, but turning the government back “on” after a shutdown is hardly as easy as flipping a switch. Government websites that were shuttered during the shutdown — including those for Interior Department bureaus that oversee oil and gas development — remained offline Thursday morning.

There are concerns about the impact of the federal shutdown on many states’s economies, among other aspects of public life. But until the Bureau of Labor Statistics gets back to work, it will be hard to quantify its impact on jobs.

Comments on the street, bathroom, kitchens, bars and probably bedrooms:

- We must get rid of Hispanics wasting tax payers money.
- Senator Ted CRUZ just cost to the taxpayers an estimated $24 Billions according to S&P shutting down the government for a few weeks.
- He is fine, he is Canadian-American. We are talking about working people crossing the other border.
- They will never cost $24 Billions for a few weeks.
- We are not looking to make sense here, just fiscally responsible.
- Right.

- If somebody could answer this curiosity.
What to expect in 2014 when ObamaCare must be implemented nationwide, with minor exceptions for big businesses and other interest groups such as Congress.
Just to enroll to ObamaCare in October 2013 the opposition manage to shutdown the country's economy. So, is ObamaCare the problem or the opposition to ObamaCare? If the opposition shutdown the government today, what they are planning for 2014 due to the opposition to ObamaCare?

- La pregunta por $24 billones. ¿Qué hará la oposición al ObamaCare en el 2014 cuando se implementará la ley. Hoy cerraron el gobierno para evitar que la gente se enrole. Pura curiosidad.

-Es hora de dejar de premiar a la gente que se comporta mal.
- ¿Hablas sobre Wall Street y el complejo industrial militar y el complejo industrial de prisión y el Congreso y el Senado y la Corte Suprema y los Ted Cruz?
-No, quienes eligen y apoyan a todos ellos.
-Estamos trabajando en eso. Prepárense para la próxima huelga federal a comienzos del 2014...

- It is time to stop awarding wrong behaving people!
- Are you talking about Wall Street and the Military Industry Complex and the Prison Industry Complex and Congress and the Senate and the U.S. Supreme Court and the Ted Cruz?
- No, people who elect and enable all of them.
- We are working on it. Wait until the next shutdown...

- So, you shutdown the government to save some tax money. It is estimated by S&P that the Republican shutdown costs 24 billion dollars to the taxpayers the Republicans tried to save. Fiscally responsible?
Also, Kentucky kickback?: $2.2 billion. That’s the amount in additional cash authorized for a project that involved a dam and decades-old locks on a river that flows through Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s home state of Kentucky.

- ¡Que viva la democracia del capital y de quien puede!

- It is time to let Americans lead the nation and not foreigners like senator Ted Cruz who are driving the country on Cruz Control. The "agreement" to end the country economy shutdown must be for ten years not the continuation of the stagnation.

A memo to furloughed Interior Department workers

TO: All Department of the Interior Employees
FROM: Rhea Suh, Assistant Secretary for Policy, Management and Budget
SUBJECT: Guidance Concerning Returning to Work I want to provide you with important information and guidance concerning the actions and activities that we will undertake as we return to work from the shutdown on October 17, 2013.

We want to welcome you back and do everything possible to ease this transition. We appreciate your sacrifices through these difficult times and we understand that the lapse in government activities has imposed hardships on you, your families, and the people we serve.

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