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AUGUSTA, GA (PR) - Richmond County Sheriff Richard Roundtree wanted to take this opportunity to advise the citizens about a few exciting changes in the Sheriff’s Office. Effective today, May 27, 2014, the Sheriff’s Office will be transitioning to a new data information system called Microsoft Sequel Platform (MSP). This upgrade was supposed to come on-line on February 17, 2014, but was postponed due to the “ice storm.”

The New World system complements management strategies that the Sheriff is implementing to increase effectiveness and efficiency to include Intelligence Led Policing (ILP) and Community Oriented Policing Problem Solving (COPPS).

In addition to this conversion, the Sheriff’s Office is adopting a new patrol zone and staffing configuration along with differential response for service application. While the Sheriff’s Office cannot discuss specific staffing measures, this new initiative will reallocate deputies to where and when the citizens are experiencing most criminal activity and problems and increase deputy presence by 41% during peak crime hours.

Differential response techniques will prioritize police calls and match them with needed service to optimize the resources of the Sheriff’s Office to focus on crime reduction, proactive policing and problem solving. As we have done with private Property accident reports, some non-emergency incidents may be handled via telephone or e-mails at a later time, thus allowing the deputy to stay in service for patrol and/or emergency calls.

Sheriff Roundtree is implementing these changes with no increases in the Sheriff’s Office budget and is confident that these measures coupled with collaboration from Richmond County’s great citizens will lead to a safer and more secure community. With any change, the Sheriff anticipates some glitches and issues, but wants to assure the citizens that the Sheriff’s Office is committed to meeting their needs.

The Sheriff’s Office will monitor these initiatives and will modify them as needed to insure they are contributing to a safe and secure Augusta.


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