Tax season and the processing of tax refunds could be delayed. This is Why

Giving Meaning to the Taxpayers Bill of Rights (TBOR) Click to Read the Report

IRS: Too Big to Fix?

Congress established the office of the National Taxpayer Advocate to assist taxpayers who experience difficulties resolving their tax problems with the Internal Revenue Service or receiving timely and appropriate responses to their inquiries.

Many of these taxpayer issues fall under the category of systemic burden which involves instances in which an IRS process, system, or procedure has not operated as intended. It is important that the Taxpayer Advocate Service (TAS) effectively and efficiently assists taxpayers with systemic burden cases to ensure that taxpayers are not further harmed by problems with IRS processes.

This audit was initiated because TAS responses to systemic burden cases affect more than 85,000 taxpayers each year. TIGTA’s overall objective was to determine whether the TAS has an effective system to process taxpayer requests for relief due to systemic burden.

This report -signed by Michael E. McKenney, Acting Deputy Inspector General for Audit- presents the results of TIGA's review on how the Taxpayer Advocate Service can improve the processing of systemic burden cases.

IRS Denies Amount Deducted for Parsonage (Minister of the Gospel Housing)

When working with ministers and the churches that employ them, it is vital that the employment contract is clear. If the intention is to provide a housing allowance, this should be memorialized either in that contract or in the meeting minutes of the church’s governing body prior to paying the housing allowance to the minister.



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