Sunday, July 6, 2014

Mega Gathering of Democrats in Augusta

AUGUSTA, GA (RD) - The Democratic Party of Georgia (State Party) is holding a regional multi county meeting on Tuesday July 8 at 6:30 PM at the IBEW HALL, 1250 Reynolds Street, Augusta. The Richmond County Democratic Party (RCDP) has been chosen to host the meeting. Ten county parties have been invited.

The Agenda will introduce Mary Harris who is the Director of County Affairs and who will give an informative session and update on the elections for all State candidates.

There is no cost and any member of the party can attend. Other regional meetings have had audiences of about 100. Plenty of parking and an elevator is available in the rear of the building to take participants to the second floor. For questions call at 706-833-3291.

The RCDP will still meet on Wed July 9 at the HQ (1101 Greene St) at 7:30 PM for the monthly meeting.

Run-off and Big Election Year 

Many of the state and federal offices are up for election this year. We must begin now to build our voter rolls and our support networks to turn Georgia Blue!

Let us not forget the local elections that effect how our city business is conducted.

The Democratic Ballot will have 2 races for you to vote:

State School Superintendent
Alisha Thomas Morgan or Valarie D. Wilson

State Senator from 22nd District
Corey L. Johnson or Harold V. Jones II (Watch the Candidates Forum Here)

While there are only 2 races to vote it is very important to turn out. Georgia is a RED state because Democrats think it is not worth their time to come out and vote.

The lack of Medicare expansion and opposition to the Affordable Care Act has been a result of our failure to turn out to vote. What other repressive laws will pass if we do not get out the vote.

<-> From the Richmond Democrats. Edited by Anibal Ibarra.

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