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Georgia Governor Open to Deal with Children Refugees

ATLANTA, GA (PR) - Gov. Nathan Deal today met with a diverse group from the state’s Latino community to discuss how the nation’s unaccompanied minor crisis is affecting Georgia and how we can find humanitarian solutions.

“Today’s productive meeting served as a follow up to last week’s letter to the Obama administration,” said Deal. “In Georgia, we’re trying to find out who’s here, where are they staying and what their federal status is. I asked the group for information they are gathering in the community, and I asked them for guidance and advice on how they think the state should respond. 

The group reported that there’s strong evidence that these children are staying with family members and foster families through placement by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. They pointed out that the families must agree to cover the child’s financial needs, and the group discussed the unique needs and challenges some of the children would bring to a school district in Georgia. Certainly, we all want these children to stay in homes where they are safe and provided for while they are awaiting their immigration hearings before a federal judge.

“That federal process will result in many of these children returning to their families in their home countries, while others may receive refugee status. I was particularly touched by one example discussed today where such an action seems appropriate. One member of the group told me of a 2-year-old from Central America whose parents were killed in gang violence. The child’s grandparents, who are legal residents of the United States, brought the child immediately to their home – as any loving grandparents would. We’re hopeful the process will work efficiently and the courts can quickly decide who needs to stay and who needs to be returned to their families in their home countries.

“In order for the state to safeguard these children who are here now, we still need more information about their federal status and where they’re staying. It goes without saying, these situations involve our public education, public health and public safety resources, and I’m concerned about additional burdens being placed on local taxpayers in Georgia. But I made this pledge to the group: As a state we will let the federal process work. And during the time it takes to accomplish that, I’m sure Georgians will show their compassion toward these children who have undergone harrowing circumstances.”

Atlanta Welcome Children Refugees

The children, who come from Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, and Mexico are apprehended at the U.S./Mexico border. They’re placed with sponsors, usually family members, while they await a court date. Those who qualify for special juvenile status can stay, but all aren’t eligible. Atlanta Mayor, a Democrat, Kasim Reed said they should all be welcomed.

“It’s very important that we send a signal that we’re going to be a welcoming community, that we’re going to allow these folks to be trained, and to treat them well, certainly children, there should be no debate about this,” he said. 

A spokesperson for Republican Gov. Deal says there’s been no word from the Obama administration.

Report: Unprecedented Targeting and Deportation in Georgia

ATLANTA, GA PR 7/31/2014 - Today advocacy organizations publish a new report based on data made available through Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) litigation with the state and federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) that both outline the metastasizing growth of local police's involvement in immigration enforcement and the resulting patterns of prejudice and collateral deportation in local practice with little to no evidence of any relation to actual public safety efforts.

The data reveals that the federal agency's practice of requesting the extended incarceration of an individual because of the suspicion of the immigration status known as ICE detainers rose 17,169% from 2007 to 2013 with 66.7% of those targeted being of "dark or medium complexion."

In addition to the racial implications of the newly released statistics, the study identifies that more than 54% of those taken into ICE custody were long-time Georgia residents who had called this country home since at least 2003 resulting in the separation of families where 48,135 US citizen children in Georgia had a parent taken by ICE and 17,497 Georgia residents had a spouse detained in the four years between 2007 and June of 2013.

Finally the exaggerated emphasis on immigration status in local law enforcement resoundingly counters the public safety pretext of police-ICE collaboration noting that Immigration officials do not even record a "Detainer Criminal Offense Level" in nearly half of records available and in those where it is recording, 40% are identified as "level three," having been convicted of traffic or other minor offenses. 

Azadeh Shahshahani of the ACLU of Georgia explains, "The numbers revealed today are both damning of what has happened to law enforcement in Georgia and heartbreaking for what it has done to Georgia communities. One can feel the chilling effect this has had with confidence in police and the risk to all of our safety when so many Georgia residents have been harmed and live in fear of the deportation apparatus that the police have lent themselves to. Contained in the report is the human cost, erosion of rights, and the rise of a culture of suspicion in our state that must be addressed."

"No one should be afraid to call 9-1-1," explains Adelina Nicholls, Executive Director of the Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights. "But that is exactly what has happened since police became involved in filling federal deportation quotas. We all want to live in safe communities but the well known threat of your neighbor being torn from his or her family makes that an impossibility. Sheriffs who want to focus on policing and not on persecuting Georgians for the color of their skin should join the 165 plus jurisdictions around the country that are cutting their ties with ICE in order to rebuild them with the community."

The Report "Prejudice, Policing, and Public Safety: The Impact of Immigration Hyper-Enforcement in Georgia" was produced by the ACLU of Georgia, GLAHR, the National Day Laborer Organizing Network, and the Immigrant Rights Clinic at the NYU School of Law and is available 

The Georgia #Not1More Campaign is urging the Dekalb and Fulton County Sheriffs to follow the example of more than 165 other jurisdictions who have limited or eliminated submission to the unjust and burdensome ICE hold requests in the wake of recent court rulings finding their violation of 4th amendment rights.

“Illegal Allien Invasion”

The liberal media is reporting that Barack Obama is planning to issue an imperial decree that would instruct our embassies in Central America to screen illegal aliens and ship them directly to the United States at taxpayer expense.

You read that right. Hordes of illegal aliens won't be sneaking across the border and they won't even be surrendering to border agents because Barack Obama wants to put them on planes and buses and ship them directly to your town or city.

As reported by the liberal New York Times, the Obama Regime wants to bring these illegal aliens "into the United States without making the dangerous trek through Mexico." The Times further reports that Obama Regime "officials said they believed the plan could be enacted through executive action, without congressional approval..."

Whether Barack Obama has the Constitutional authority to issue such an edict notwithstanding, Obama DOES need John Boehner's Republican-led House to give him the funds to implement his insane political decree, and we need a last-minute blitz calls, emails and tweets to Washington to stop Boehner from giving it to him and then sneaking out of town when Congress adjourns later this week.

There are three main talking points being used to promote amnesty:

Immigration Vs Border Security: I am tired of hearing we have an “immigration” problem when what we really have is a border security problem! If someone broke into your house, would your first concern making them a sandwich or kicking them out?

Compassion: Right out of Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, the Bible is being perverted to support this illegal activity. Being compassionate or “Christian” means doing what is right. If any child is separated from their parents, the right and only thing is to unite them. In other words, send them back HOME where they speak their language and can be with their family.

Cost: Amnesty proponents argue we can’t afford to deport. This is a huge lie because the cost of bussing and housing which are estimated over $60,000 per child are much more than flying them back to their country of origin in a private jet.

You can take action by doing these things:

1. Sign our “No Amnesty Pledge” – We will be fax blasting our petitions to Congress for free to everyone that signs.

2. Contact your Members of Congress (202-224-3121) and demand they vote “NO” on amnesty. We need to secure our borders.

3. Tweet and post messages on Facebook.

I wish I could tell you that everything will be fine. The sad reality is that the Socialists on the left have combined with big business to pass amnesty. The Left looks at them as “new” voters and more people that they can get on government programs. Big business sees this as an opportunity to force down wages and have cheap labor.

In 1983, Speaker Tip O’Neil promised President Reagan that he would “secure the borders” if he passed amnesty. Twenty years later, we now have 12 million more illegals here and hundreds of thousands coming over per month.

Amnesty has already failed. Are we going to repeat the insanity?

In Liberty,

Everett "Dirksen" Wilkinson
National Liberty Federation


—> Edited by Anibal Ibarra

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