Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Hiccups From New Mugshot Regulation

AUGUSTA, GA (PR) - The Richmond County Sheriff’s Office is committed to maintaining the general interest of public safety and also maintaining a positive working relationship with local media outlets. The Richmond County Sheriff’s Office is attaching a “Letter of Affirmation”, which will be completed by a selected member of the media outlet.

The signed document will serve to represent that media outlet and anyone who is employed with that particular media outlet. The signed document will be valid for one year from the date that it is filed with the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office.

The original signed document will be stored with the Sheriff’s Administrative Assistant Mrs. Hattie Sullivan (She may be reached at 706-821-1068) along with copies being dispensed to Jail Administration and the Public Information Office.

These documents will be renewed annually.

Once the Letter of Affirmation is signed and on file with the Sheriff’s Office, if any member of the media wants to request a mugshot, it is suggested that contact be made with the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office Jail (706-821-1110) or you can visit the Charles B Webster Detention Center (Located at 1941 Phinizy Road) where authorization is confirmed. Once authorization is confirmed, a mugshot (s) can be released.

There are certain circumstances that might arise where a mugshot cannot be released. Examples of this are:

An on-going investigation of a sensitive nature

A juvenile  

The Sheriff may post the jail population information on the web as done previously; however, the booking photograph cannot be posted with the offender’s personal information or at any other location.

A law enforcement agency shall not provide or make available a copy of a booking photograph(s) in any format (hard copy, digital, electronic, etc.) to a person requesting a photograph if that person intends on placing the photograph in a publication or on a website and that person intends to charge a fee or other consideration to remove or delete the photograph from the publication or website.

A person, who requests a booking photograph, must sign a statement affirming that the photograph will be used in compliance with the above.  See attached sample affirmation notice.

As in any new procedure, this might cause some “hiccups.” If anyone has a problem or issue, please feel free to notify any of the assigned Public Information Officers during business hours:

Captain Calvin Chew         706-821-1028
Sgt. Michael Shane McDaniel SR          706-821-1003
Sgt. Monica Belser                  706-821-1435
Sgt. Glen Rahn                  706-821-1604

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