Friday, July 4, 2014

Have a Fun and Safe Independence Day

If only we had laser printers and copiers back in the 1700s! Of course, we've all come to know and love July 4th as the day we officially declared our independence from Britain. However, the Second Continental Congress actually voted on the Declaration of Independence in Philadelphia on July 2nd, 1776! It just took a couple of days to get everything written down and signed. For me, it's all good. "Second of July Fireworks" just wouldn't feel the same.

Speaking of fireworks... did you know that Congress first authorized fireworks for Independence Day celebrations on July 4, 1777? Now that's Congressional Action we can all support!

I'll close out this 4th of July trivia by pointing out Georgia's signers of the Declaration - Button Gwinnett, Lyman Hall and George Walton. Go check out the Signers Monument in their honor next time you're in Augusta.

Whatever you're doing today to celebrate the holiday, please remember to have fun and stay safe. Most importantly, be thankful for our brave women and men, at home and abroad, who protect our independence every day!

Happy FOURTH of July!    --Liz

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