Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Georgia Primary Run-off Elections Today

U.S. Senate (R)

Total Votes: 476,375 Reporting: 147 out of 159 counties reporting
Jack Kingston (R) 234,238 49%
David Perdue (R) 242,137 51%    Winner

GA State Senate: District 22 (D)

Total Votes: 10,025 Reporting: 57 of 57 precincts reporting
Corey Johnson 3,911 39%
Harold Jones II 6,114 61%    Winner

Augusta Commission: District 6

Total Votes: 2,371 Reporting: 7 percents of 7
Bob Finnegan 1,128 48%
Ben Hasan 1,243 52%    Winner

10th Congressional Representative (R)

Total Votes: 49,632 Reporting: 25 of 25 counties reporting
Mike Collins (R) 22,673 46%
Jody Hice (R) 26,959 54%    Winner

McDuffie County Board of Education: District 3

Total Votes: 336 Reporting: 2 of 2 precincts reporting
Richard Downs 146 43%
Jarvis McNair 190 57%   Winner

State School Superintendent (R)

Total Votes: 393,262 Reporting: 155 of 159 counties reporting
Mike Buck (R) 196,487 50%
Richard L. Woods (R) 196,775 50%

Glascock County Board of Education: Mitchell

Total Votes: 490 Reporting: 4 of 4 precincts reporting
Don Hilson 219 45%
Greg Johnson 271 55%  Winner

State School Superintendent (D)

Total Votes: 134,866 Reporting: 155 of 159 counties reporting
Alisha Morgan (D) 61,541 46%
Valarie Wilson (D) 73,325 54%  Winner 

ATLANTA, GA (PR) – Democratic Party of Georgia Chair DuBose Porter issued the following statement on Tuesday’s primary runoff results in the Georgia GOP Senate race.

“There is a clear contrast in this race between Michelle Nunn, a leader who has spent the last 25 years leading volunteer organizations and lifting communities up, and David Perdue, someone who has spent his career enriching himself while often times tearing companies and communities apart,” said Democratic Party of Georgia Chair DuBose Porter. “Georgians want leaders who will fix the mess in Washington, not someone who puts personal profit ahead of regular people.”

ATHENS, GA (PR) – Congressman Paul Broun today released the following statement after Jody Hice won the Republican primary for the 10th Congressional District:

Said Paul Broun, "I congratulate Dr. Jody Hice on his victory in the Republican primary for Congress and the voters for having made a wise choice. Jody is a great American and a great leader who stands strong for the Constitution according to the intent of its Framers. I have full confidence that he will be, not only a consistent vote for the conservative principles of the people he seeks to represent, but an effective advocate for them. I encourage every Republican to rally behind Jody to win this election in November and keep this seat in the Republican column.”

Run-off elections are Tuesday July 22 for State House and State Senate districts across Georgia  as well as State School Superintendent and US Senate. Polls are open from 7am - 7pm. Your Vote is important in deciding who will be on the ballot in November. In some cases such as in Richmond County, your vote will decides who will be the next Commissioner representing District 6.

Ben Hasan ran against Bob Finnegan to represent District 6 and won. He will replace Joe Jackson in January 2015 as one of the new members of the Richmond County Commission.


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