Thursday, May 15, 2014

Mayoral Candidate Surrenders

UPDATE 5/19/2014: Helen Blocker-Adams has officially withdrawn her name as a candidate for the office of Mayor of the City effective immediately.  Any votes cast for a withdrawn candidate are considered null and shall not be counted.  This includes any votes cast during Advance Voting and any votes that were cast by mail.  Re-votes are not allowed.  Notices will be placed in each precinct on Election Day to inform voters of the withdrawal. (Richmond County Board of Elections)

These last few days have been hard & humiliating. It has have shown me that I have to work on me and especially my financial challenges. I take full responsibility for the debt and for my mistakes. I failed to let my campaign team and family know about any of the personal financial details in my life & I regret that. If my executive team knew what they know now, they would have advised me not to run for mayor.

I have always been an independent person and felt I could get things done by myself. As a woman who knows and loves The Lord, I realize that is pride and He has revealed that to me over the past few days.

Augusta is my home. I love this city and the people who live, work & play here. My focus has always been to affect change and improve the lives for all Augustans. My heart and compassion is for Augusta & all it’s people and that will continue to be important to me.

I know I have let many people down & I am deeply sorry for that. I ask for your forgiveness.

The love & support from this community has been overwhelming. Effective immediately I am suspending my campaign & run for mayor.

Helen Blocker-Adams

Helen Blocker-Adams Formally Announced Her Candidacy for Mayor of Augusta - September, 16, 2013 at Diamond Lakes Regional Park.


—> What will happen if Blocker-Adams wins the election or the chance for a runoff?
She is out of the race but not removed from the ballots.
—> What will happen with the thousands of Early Voting votes?
—> People who already casted their votes for her should vote again for another candidate?
—> Should the Early Voting results be trashed due to the current circumstances?

ANSWER: Unless Ms. Blocker files an affidavit of withdrawal with our office, nothing changes. If she does file an affidavit of withdrawal any votes cast for her will not be counted. Re-votes for previously cast ballots are not allowed. - Richmond County Board of Elections.

—> Why have all the financial problems of Blocker-Adams surfaced now and not during the other races she competed in before?
—> Is the Cyber Command Center having fun with Augusta politics and all the other parties?
—> Beware the Kiss of Death, The Chronicle already has endorsed her. Who will the daily endorse now?

ANSWER: In assessing the candidates, we harbored concerns about each of them. But in reassessing the now-smaller field, we feel comfortable and confident in recommending that voters elect Hardie Davis as Augusta’s next mayor May 20. - Augusta Chronicle Editorial Staff - Saturday, May 17, 2014

—> Two Commissioners are running in spite of being censured for ethics violations. Why did Blocker-Adams suspend her campaign to run for Mayor due to personal financial issues? Which is worse?


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