Thursday, May 22, 2014

Goats Vote

AUGUSTA, GA (@AnibalShow) - Naysayers will say the stubborn old Goat finally got his... We beg to differ. Commissioner Marion Williams got his goat pilot study and everyone AGREED! This recent example of d’etant may well be the beginning of this Commission's efforts to  think 'collectively' outside the box!

We can only hope, since this decision marks a milestone in the Commission being willing to take a suggestion that universally makes Sense/Cents! When the City's engineer announced that it would save money and Commissioner Wayne Guilfoyle confirmed that the goats would be treated humanely it appeared to be a slam dunk and finally the much maligned idea is now a reality...!

Let's hear it for a Greener Augusta (where goats roam they leave a trail) hmmm.

Our first steps toward Sustainability! Congratulations, Commissioner Williams et al.


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