Friday, April 25, 2014

Why Senator Carter Supported “Gun Bill”

The debate around gun rights can be incredibly polarizing, and there’s no question that some of the provisions of this particular bill — and my vote in favor of it — have left many people confused or disappointed. Let me tell you my thoughts about this vote.

Since I have been in office, I have always supported the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding, licensed gun owners, and I have a deep appreciation for how important this issue is to many people across Georgia.

From the beginning of this year’s gun debate, I had serious reservations about this bill. I voiced these and other concerns, and spent hours working with the bill’s proponents — including members of the legislature and various other organizations.

There were two issues that troubled me most, and that I heard about most from my constituents. One was whether guns should be allowed on college campuses. The other was whether churches and synagogues would have a meaningful choice to exclude guns from their places of worship.
In the end, we successfully removed those provisions from the bill.

Of course, the ultimate bill is far from perfect. But knowing that a bill was going to be passed no matter what, I felt the responsibility to assume a leadership role within this debate and to try to forge a compromise that better balanced the needs of Georgia communities with the rights of law-abiding, licensed gun owners.

Consistent with my past record on these issues and because negotiations were ongoing, I voted in support of this bill in the Senate. While you and I may not agree on this vote, I want you to understand that it was not a decision I made lightly, and that I did my best to improve the legislation before casting my vote.

I have always believed that the best way to influence the direction of our state is to claim a seat at the table and to be involved in the conversation. I am also convinced that the best way for me to lead is to bring people together — even if they disagree vehemently with each other on an important issue like this— to try to find common ground. I promise that I will continue that work on this issue, and I hope you will work with me.




Georgia Gun Bill Signed by Governor Deal from AnibalShow 

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