Monday, April 7, 2014


AUGUSTA, GA – All zones in Richmond County have been cleared of ice storm debris and the contractor will not be making additional passes.   Citizens are reminded that they are now under the terms and conditions of their normal solid waste collection guidelines for yard waste.

 The estimated total amount of debris collected in Richmond County since the storm is approximately 730,000 cubic yards; enough to fill the Augusta Municipal Building more than 13 times or a Super Walmart three times.

“This storm was historic, bigger than anything on record in our 279 years.  The whole process has been tedious and frustrating for our citizens, elected officials, and staff but, we’ve made it through.  I’m very proud of city’s response to this disaster and look forward to normalcy setting back in,” said Steve Cassell, Interim Deputy City Administrator.

Please note that this announcement does not apply to streets within the city limits of Hephzibah or along state highways that are maintained by the Georgia Department of Transportation (DOT).  These entities are performing their own respective clean-up.

Roadways in Richmond County for which Georgia DOT will provide clean-up include: Sand Bar Ferry Road (SR 28), Gordon Highway (SR 10), Jimmie Dyess Parkway (SR 383), Dean’s Bridge Road (SR 4), Peach Orchard Road (SR 121), Mike Padgett Highway (SR 56), Robinson Avenue (SR 223), and Highway 88.

Citizens are further reminded to be on the lookout for illegal dumping, if anyone observes contractors or people putting large amounts of vegetative material or performing other illegal dumping activities on the Right-of-way to take down as much information as possible: license plate, address, company name, etc.; take a picture if possible.  Then please contact the Marshal’s department at (706) 772-561.

Mie Lucas
Disaster Preparedness Coordinator

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