Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Signing of Georgia Health Care Freedom Act is Applauded

SMYRNA, GA (PR) - After Governor Nathan Deal signed House Bill 943, which contains the Lindsey Amendment prohibiting the use of taxpayer dollars for the implementation of Obamacare in Georgia, Republican lawmaker and candidate for Congress in Georgia's 11th Congressional District Rep. Ed Lindsey issued the following statements:

"I applaud Governor Deal's signing of HB 943, which includes the Lindsey Amendment barring the use of state or local taxpayer dollars to support the implementation Obamacare in Georgia.

"The Lindsey Amendment and its predecessor, HB 707, were sponsored and co-sponsored by me, Jason Spencer, Scot Turner, Michael Caldwell, Kevin Cook, and David Stover.  We worked as a team through the legislative process and never gave up even after the Senate Rules Committee shelved our bill.

"Instead, working together and with Governor Deal, Speaker Ralston, Rep. Lee Hawkins, and allies in the Senate, we continued the fight.  On Day 39, I presented the Lindsey Amendment to HB 943 on the House Floor and we were successful in its passage by the General Assembly."

"Ed Lindsey worked tirelessly to advance HB 707 through the committee process and fought for it on the House floor," said House Speaker David Ralston.  "When the anti-Obamacare bill stalled in the Senate, he worked with all interested parties including my office to draft and bring forward the Lindsey Amendment which the General Assembly passed on Day 39 of the Session.  Because of his efforts, we have blocked efforts to use Georgians' tax dollars to advance Obamacare."

"Without Ed Lindsey," said House Speaker Pro Tem Jan Jones,  "We would not have passed the Lindsey Amendment to block Obamacare's use of Georgia tax dollars to promote this disastrous federal policy.  Period."

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