Saturday, April 26, 2014

Pro Family

ATLANTA, GA (PR) - The Steering Committee of Planned Parenthood Southeast Advocates is thrilled to announce the endorsements for the Georgia 2014 Primary Elections.  Only candidates in contested primaries were considered for this round of endorsements.  General election endorsements will be made following the Primary (and Primary Runoff, if required).  To our incumbent endorsees, we thank you for your leadership and support during the 2014 legislative session!  For new candidates, we applaud your willingness to enter the electoral process.

As the political arm of Planned Parenthood Southeast, Planned Parenthood Southeast Advocates engages in electoral activities including voter education and mobilization. We believe elected officials should support policies and programs that help women and their families make responsible choices about the prevention of unintended pregnancies and plan for healthy families. Planned Parenthood Southeast Advocates strives to educate and mobilize the public and elect lawmakers who support these policies.
Commissioner of Insurance Keith Heard
State Senate
District 22                     Harold V. Jones (Photo)
District 26                     David Lucas
District 33                     Steve Thompson
District 34                     Valencia Seay
District 36                     Nan Orrock
District 38                     Horacena Tate
District 42                     Elena Parent and Kyle Williams
District 44                     Gail Davenport
District 55                     Gloria Butler
State House
District 38                     David Wilkerson
District 58                     Simone Bell
District 86                    Michele Henson
District 87                     Earnest “Coach” Williams
District 91                     Dee Dawkins-Haigler
District 105                   Tim Hur
District 113                   Pam Dickerson
District 142                   Nikki Randall
District 143                   James Beverly
District 153                   Carol Fullerton

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