Friday, November 8, 2013

Republicans Calling IRS on Better Georgia

(Atlanta, GA) - The budding romance between gubernatorial candidate Jason Carter and Better Georgia, a self-described "progressive values advocacy organization", has reignited curiosity throughout the Peach State regarding the legality of the group's behavior.

"Better Georgia, be it a well-funded attack arm of the Democratic Party or a wild pack of liberal activists, should come clean about their partisan behavior, funding sources, and expenditures," said Ryan Mahoney, spokesman for the Georgia Republican Party.  "While entitled to their own misinformed, incoherent, and radical opinions, they must be held accountable and play by the same set of rules as everyone else. 

The Georgia Republican Party is calling for an IRS audit of the "non-partisan" group to see if their full-throated endorsements of candidates like Jason Carter and Michelle Nunn, expenditures, and operations comply with the federal tax code.

"Instead of harassing law abiding Republicans and conservative-leaning organizations, Obama's IRS should investigate shady organizations like Better Georgia.  Clearly, there's more to this fringe group than meets the eye."

Governorship Campaign for 2014 Started

A year from now residents of Georgia will know who will be the new or old governor of the state. Today the incumbent governor Nathan Deal released his video campaign at the same time when the Georgia Democratic Party also have something to say about the beginning of a campaign season, promising to be not the season of love during the end of the year celebrations.

At the first hours of the season kick off Mr. Deal is leading in Facebook as a front runner by 200 hundred "likes" against the Democratic Party of Georgia post.

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