Wednesday, November 6, 2013

GA Women protest at the GOP headquarters

Atlanta, GA - On Thursday November 7th, dozens of women and supporters are joining together
in protest outside the headquarters of the Republican Party of Georgia, to demand that the
Republican Party stands on the right side of history, and support fair comprehensive immigration
reform now.

Women and children make up ¾ of all immigrants, and are disproportionately
impacted by the current failed immigration system, and demand that the US Republican
Representatives of Georgia to join their fellow Republican colleagues Denham, Ros-Lehtinen
and Valadao in fixing this system and keeping families together by passing fair immigration
reform before the end of the year.

The women and children of Georgia are tired of waiting for a comprehensive immigration
reform, now it is the time to end political games that prioritize selfish personal interest and
advancement, and to stand in the right side of righteousness and to work on a real comprehensive
immigration reform that benefits all undocumented immigrants currently in American soil, and
stops once and for all the harmful and recurrent practice of indiscriminate deportations. The
women of Georgia are tired of political games and contempt that Republican elected officials
have shown towards the improvement and well-being of the immigrant community and therefore
society in general.

Women of Georgia call for a legislation that addresses the real needs and best interest of the
society and pass a comprehensive immigration reform and stop deportations. Immigration reform
is rarely thought of as a women’s issue, but it is central to the fight for women’s equality, and
community well-being. Millions of immigrant women who are part of the fabric of our
communities, workplaces, and schools are blocked from achieving their full potential because of
a broken immigration system.

Women of Georgia are tired of seen their community object of perennial attacks by Republican
elected officials who, ignoring their virtues and contributions, just focus on stereotypes to get
political gain for their own benefit and convenience, especially during election seasons.

Despicable attacks like those mislead the public opinion and exacerbate negative animosity
among racial groups of Georgia. These negative environments only encourage bulling between
classmates, rivalry among peers, distrust amongst coworkers, conflict amid neighbors, and
hostility within communities, too similar to what was witnessed during segregation times in the
50’s and 60’s. Women of Georgia demand that the Republican party start focusing on the
common good of the state and the country, look into facts, and accept that a comprehensive
immigration reform with a halt to deportations is on the best interest not only to immigrants, but
to the USA as a whole, and work to make it a reality. The destiny of the country and their party’s
is at stake.

Why is immigration reform a women’s issue?

 Millions of immigrant women who are part of the fabric of our communities, workplaces,
and schools are blocked from achieving their full potential because of a broken
immigration system. They perform essential jobs, like taking care of our children and our
aging parents, and are central to family and community well-being.

 Women especially know the importance of sticking together. We would not be where we
are without the help and support of the women in our lives—our mothers, sisters,
teachers, daughters and friends. As Americans, we honor and celebrate our nation’s
unique commitment to protecting families and giving equal opportunities and respect to
women and girls. This commitment must be reflected in our immigration laws as well.

 Too many women and children unfairly bear the brunt of detention and deportation. In a
recent two-year period, 23% of all deportations were issued for parents with U.S. citizen
children. Moreover, indiscriminate deportations allow human traffickers to exploit
women who are desperate to be reunited with their families.

 Many survivors of violence are also forced to stay silent in dangerous situations due to
dependency on the sponsorship of an abusive spouse or employer, or fear that engaging
with service providers, local police or immigration agents could lead to deportation.

 Our current immigration system is not working for people born in the United States or for
people born abroad. Any meaningful reform of our immigration system must include a
fair and generous process that ensures that immigrant women have the opportunity to
take care of themselves and their families, and bring their numerous contributions and
talents to strengthen America.

What: Rally of Women Demanding Comprehensive Immigration Reform and Stop Deportations and Separation of Families

Where: Georgia Republican Party Headquarters
3110 Maple Drive, Suite 150, Atlanta, Georgia 30305

When: 11:00am, Thursday November 7th, 2013
Who: Women of Georgia

Contact: Adelina Nicholls 770 457 5232 

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