Saturday, September 13, 2014

Violence Against Women

It Takes a Village (Denice Traina) - Although it has been 20 years since V.A.W.A. Violence Against Women Act 1994 declared violence against women illegal, immoral and punishable under the law, women continue to be exploited, abused and at risk of being murdered usually by someone they know.

Are we doing enough to prevent violent acts from occurring against women? Are we being sufficiently vigilant to notice that messages in the media seem to glorify the mistreatment of women?

Some rap music and sporting event commercials appear to demean women and use humor or sexual innuendo to sell their products and services. Who is telling our young men how to respect women and how to reject these images?

Most recently when football player, Ray Rice was videoed punching a woman later to become his wife, the public became outraged meanwhile the institution of football initially seemed to hesitate in responding appropriately to this assault.

Are local authorities being responsive to women who fear their partners? Raising our children in an environment where violence is commonplace will only create another generation of violent individuals.

Please talk to your young women and continue to lead them to empowerment filling them with a sense of character and meeting their need to build self esteem, at home, at school in your religious institutions and in your neighborhoods.

Mentoring our young boys and men, by other men who describe and better yet demonstrate what a healthy relationship looks like will go a long way to create the type of young men we can all be proud of and will produce the type of citizens our society is so eager to embrace.

It is up to us, it does take a village. Now more than ever.

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