Thursday, September 18, 2014

Is Augusta a Senior-Friendly City?

AUGUSTA, GA (Anibal Ibarra) - A request for concurrence with the Augusta Georgia Planning Commission to approve a petition by Mary Kingcannon, on behalf of Joseph Kingcannon, requesting a Special Exception to establish a Family Personal Care Home was denied by the Richmond County Commission. In consequence 3 elder ladies must leave the facility after being in operation for near 5 years without any issues to incommode the neighbors of 3908 Fairington Drive. 

David stood humbled and asking for forgiveness, hat in hand. Goliath brought an army. 

This present day, September 16, event was launched initially in front of the Augusta Planning Commission when it heard the account of Ms. Kingcannon a managing operator of a local personal care home for 5 years address the body to request a zoning change which would allow her to render services to 6 elder females in a residential setting.  

Ms. Kingcannon has never had a complaint in those 5 years, keeps her property well maintained and provides live- in support to elders who require it. 

Enter, LC Myles Jr., 1st Vice Chairman of the Richmond County Democratic Party, State Committee Member of the Democratic Party, Secretary of the Board of Elections, and President of the Fairington neighborhood association with 47 of his neighbors spewing fears of gangs and small businesses. 

Mr. Myles recounted that he represented 900 homes although only 200 signed a petition, hardly a mandate. He admitted he had only spoken to Ms. Kingcannon at the public meetings. 

What a disappointment!  Without realizing it he is sitting on the wrong side of justice. Let's call it, "residential justice". This is exactly the type of narrowmindedness that is destructive to neighborhoods where support of our elders who seek clean, friendly, professional care is being rejected instead of encouraged. 

SHAME ON YOU! You know what you can do with your Covenant! Such sentiment was fired by some supporters of the old women. 

Not surprisingly the two elder Commissioners, Grady Smith (Right) and Bill Lockett (Left) could see more clearly than the rest and voted in favor. The failure of this request to be approved suggests that each Commissioner and the public should now seriously begin to evaluate how they wish to be treated when they are no longer  able to work and begin to be more dependent upon their families and yes, their community. 

Check the statistics and you will see that this issue is not going away.

A sad day in Augusta politics and specially for those community members working so hard to make Augusta a senior-friendly city.

Votes to evict the elderly women

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