Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Davis Defends His Vote on Energy Subsidy

AUGUSTA, GA (Anibal Ibarra) - There are two Kings in Spain, two Popes in Rome, and two Mayors in Augusta-Richmond County. Senator Hardie Davis, to be Mayor January 1, 2015, with Mayor Deke Copenhaver until December 31, 2014, will propose to the Georgia General Assembly next year a legislation that will put in office the elected Mayor no longer than 60 days after the election in May. He also defended his vote in favor of HB 386 eliminating the state sales tax on energy for industries in detriment of revenues for local governments. 

During a presentation of his vision for Augusta in the next four years Davis responded to critics for voting to subsidy industries and leaving with less revenues to cities like Augusta. But Augusta is a border city with another state; that's the problem, according to the Senator of District 22.

He explained that his vote was as a “subsidy equalizer” - my way to put it since on the other side of the river Savannah tax incentives are huge for all kind of industries - with South Carolina, among other topics during a meeting with city leaders and community members representing District 7 of the West Augusta Neighborhoods Alliance. 

Besides jokingly considering himself as a "taxed enough already party" member, the Democratic Party politician stated that as a business person he oppose the increase of the minimum wage, but that he is open to talk about it. Davis is an active minister of his church, and churches are tax exempt organizations or hardly taxed.

Commissioner Wayne Guilfoyle suggested charging fees to non-profit organizations, such as churches for trash collection and street lights, in order to increase revenue but the idea probably won't go anywhere. 

Davis was in favor of tax increase (SPLOST VII) that ultimately was defeated by the taxpayers of Richmond County. He said he will put a "core needed" services projects list for the city in the next referendum.

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