Thursday, September 11, 2014

Special Unit to Patrol 12 Projects

AUGUSTA, GA (Anibal Ibarra) - UPDATE: The contract was approved by the Commission on 9/16.
The Housing Authority is seeking to contract 8 sworn deputies to patrol the 12 housing communities/developments owned and/or managed by the local government entity within the territorial limits of Augusta-Richmond County. The approval of this agreement between the Authority and the county is being delayed due to the resignation of Commissioner Donnie Smith, also Vice Chairman of Public Safety. The committee didn’t have quorum to proceed with the discussion of the item and others on September 8.

According to the proposal, the amounts reimbursed pursuant to the agreement shall be paid quarterly, payable upon receipt by the Authority of written statements and copies of payroll time reports supporting the amounts billed for each assigned officer from the County Comptroller.

The amount paid by the Authority pursuant to this legal procedure should not exceed $87,500 per quarter and $350,000 per calendar year. The Sheriff shall select, employ and pay Officers who patrol in the Housing Communities (projects) in a manner so as not to exceed the monetary limit set forth in the agreement.

The parties intend and declare that the relationship between them created by this agreement shall be that of independently contracting parties (the City, the Authority and the Sheriff). The parties are not joint venturers or partners.

The document to be in the consideration of Public Safety, once a replacement of Donnie Smith for District 7 is resolved, explains that the Authority is interested only in the results obtained under the agreement.

“The manner and means of providing the services required by this Agreement are under the sole discretion and authority of the County, which shall have sole responsibility for all acts and actions of the Officers assigned hereunder, provided, however, that nothing contained herein shall constitute any waiver of any immunity or other defense available to municipalities or counties under Georgia law.

The Officers assigned pursuant to this agreement shall be regular employees of the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office and not employees or agents of the Authority.”

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