Monday, July 9, 2012

Independent Voters Under Siege

The two-party system, Democratic/Republican parties, is trying to end the nonpartisan elections of the few elections still free from their allmighty control. On July 31 the electorate will decide if those elections will be taken away from independent voters. Be aware of the referendums on the ballots. 

Many consider the referendum as a traition to the democratization of the electoral process. If the referendum is approved the estimated 33% of independent voters in Richmond County alone will must to pick the candidate of either party or just quit participating in the electoral process.

The referendum pushed by the Democratic and Republican parties, the only parties controlling power in the U.S.A., is seems by independents voters as a way to perpetuate power no matter what. Both parties are suffering desertions and with public opinion approval about their performances lower than the checking account funds of most Americans.

Some independent voters would agree with partisan elections in all races, such as for the Augusta Richmond County Commission if there are several parties involved in the process.

The frustration with the two-party system is that most all the time the independent voter end up voting for the candidate impossed by the party's rulers, not necessary blessed by the regular members. Or like a chairman of one local party said: If you don't like our candidate vote for the other guy. 

It should be more interesting if there were other guys and other ladies to chose, such as in a nonpartisan election. Why more candidates to chose for is a threat to democracy? 

In America we have more options to chose in almost anything trivial but to chose candidates to run - or to ruin - our lives.

One of the most laughable reasons to support partisan elections is the accountability of the candidates to the party of affiliation. Somebody in office who was elected in a nonpartisan election cannot be represented or guided by a political organization, according to parties loyalists.

Representative John Barrow might be the most prolific example of non accountability to his Democratic Party. He has being voting against the will of his Democratic constituents in District 12 for many years, and still today is again the sole candidate of the Democratic Party to defend his seat in Congress. 

Keep the nonpartisan elections. Would you?

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