Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Survey Needs of Atlanta's Latino Community

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ATLANTA, GA (PR) - The Latin American Association (LAA) is conducting a comprehensive survey of the needs of metro Atlanta's growing Latino population.  Survey results will be used by the LAA, the largest provider of social and immigration legal services to the Latino community in the area, to ensure that its programs and services are responsive to the changing needs of Atlanta's Latino community. Kennesaw State University is helping the LAA conduct the survey.

This is the LAA's most comprehensive survey of the Latino community in its 43-year history.

With nearly 1 million Latinos, Georgia ranks No. 10 among states with the largest Hispanic population, and is also No. 10 among states with the fastest-growing Hispanic population, according to the Pew Research Center. As the population grows and as that growth is driven by births, and not by immigration, the needs of the community continue to evolve.

Survey results will allow the LAA to better serve Latino immigrants.

"Our mission demands that we understand the emerging needs of the community," says LAA Executive Director Jeffrey Tapia. "This is a project that we will carry out every three years to help us align our services to meet the needs."

The LAA expects to collect 1,000 responses from people who consider themselves Latino or Hispanic and who live or work in the metro area. The survey, expected to go through May 31, is available in English and Spanish, on paper and online in order to reach a cross-section of the community. Paper surveys are available at the LAA.

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