Friday, May 1, 2015

Chris Christie to Headline GOP Convention

ATLANTA, GA (PR) - New Jersey Governor and likely 2016 presidential candidate Chris Christie will join Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp (photo) at a breakfast event on Friday, May 15, in Athens before the kick-off of the Georgia Republican Party State Convention.

Gov. Christie, who was re-elected by the people of New Jersey in 2013, is a former U.S. Attorney for the New Jersey District and Chairman of the Republican Governors Association.  He is considering a bid for the presidency in 2016.

2015-2017 Sate and Executive Committee 

Chairman John Padgett
National Committeeman Randy Evans
National Committeewoman Linda Herren
First Vice Chairman Michael McNeely
Second Vice-Chairman Ron Johnson
Secretary Debbie McCord
Assistant Secretary Kirk Shook
Treasurer Bob Mayzes
General Counsel Anne Lewis
Finance Chairman Bert Guy

Under 80,000 Caucus Chairman Jenny Eckman
Over 80,000 Caucus Chairman Rick Tillman
1st District Chairman John Wood
2nd District Chairman Joseph Brannan
3rd District Chairman Dale Jackson
4th District Chairman Rachel Little
5th District Chairman John Bush
6th District Chairman Michael Fitzgerald
7th District Chairman Jason Thompson
8th District Chairman Vance Dean
9th District Chairman Bruce Azevedo
10th District Chairman Brian Burdette
11th District Chairman Brad Carver
12th District Chairman Michael Welsh
13th District Chairman Danny Richardson
14th District Chairman Nathan Smith
Assistant Treasurer Toria Morgan
Immediate Past Chairman Sue Everhart

Senator John Isakson, Senator David Perdue and Gov. Nathan Deal
Governor Nathan Deal
US Senator David Perdue
US Senator Johnny Isakson

Constitutional Officer Richard Woods
Constitutional Officer Gary Black
Constitutional Officer Mark Butler
Constitutional Officer Casey Cagle
Constitutional Officer Chuck Eaton
Constitutional Officer Tim Echols
Constitutional Officer Doug Everett
Constitutional Officer Ralph Hudgens
Constitutional Officer Brian Kemp
Constitutional Officer Bubba McDonald
Constitutional Officer Sam Olens
Constitutional Officer Stan Wise

US Congressman Buddy Carter
US Congressman Lynn Westmoreland
US Congressman Tom Price
US Congressman Rob Woodall
US Congressman Austin Scott
US Congressman Doug Collins
US Congressman Jody Hice
US Congressman Barry Loudermilk
US Congressman Rick Allan
US Congressman Tom Graves
House Majority Leader Larry O'Neal
Senate Majority Leader Bill Cowsert

Georgia Federation of Republican Women (President) Ruby Robinson
Georgia Young Republicans (Chair) Meagan Hanson
Georgia College Republicans (Chair) Greenway Stephen
Georgia Black Republican Council (Chair) Rich Thompson
Teenage Republican Chair Jordan Peeples
RNC Senior Network (Chairman) Linton Broome
Tea Party Liaison Julianne Thompson
Asian American Outreach Jimmy Ho
Republican Jewish Coalition Chuck Berk

Board of Governors/Foundation Chair Vicki Willard
Parliamentarian John White 
Chief Deputy General Counsel Stefan Passantino
Executive Director Adam Pipkin
Assistant Parliamentarian Margaret Holliman

Appointee State Election Board
Rusty Simpson
Sherena Arrington
Bruce Ellis
Barbara Frankenthaler
Debra S Giddens
Jeff Kilgore
Steve Meyers
Anne Mueller
Ruby Robinson
Thomas Sharp
Jeremy Spencer
Kristy Blankenship
John Gunn
Jade Morey
Jack Newberry

Brandon Phillips
Judy Sanders
John Shipp
Sherry Wallace
James Camp
Jenny Eckman
Michael Freeland
Edwin B. Frost
Michael Harbin
Mary Henderson
Walter King
Jerry McKneely
Chris Owen
Jordan Peeples
Linda Sandwich
J.D. Stallings
Jeremiah Tant
Vicki Temple
Gloria Dimaggio Tow
Delia Fleming
Bill Perugino
William Reynolds
Baoky Vu
Don Williamson
Cameron Fash
Ginger Howard
Andrew Laarhoven
Frank Strickland
Brian Anderson
Claire Bartlett
Angelyn Dionysatos
Bobbie Frantz
Pat Gartland
Margaret Holliman
Alex Kaufman
Gus Makris
David McCleary
Millie Rogers
Mark Rountree
Jim Squire
Jim Strong
Mary Adamski
Judith Bailey
Tom Ellis
Carolyn Fisher
Scott Haggard
Duane Hunter
Reva Jennings
John Marsh
Joel Natt
Julianne Thompson
BJ Van Gundy
Gloria Alday
Henry Childs
Vivian Childs
Lott Dill
Aaron Hufstetler
Valerie Martin
John McCune
Anthony R Morris
Barbara Schmader
Doug Silvis
Sondra Supp
Christopher West
Dustin Ayers
Carl Blackburn
Bettye Chambers
Larry Ewing
Paul Gurtler
Kevin Harris
Rita Odom
James Pilgrim
Rick Post 
Larry Toney
Andrew Turnage
Dwayne Turner
Linda Clary Umberger
Travis Williams
Dottie Williams
Matthew Brewster
Mary Alice Carter
Maria Caudill
Mike D'Antonio
John Elliott
Jay Hanley
John Lewis
Don Loggins
Mike Pentecost
Roy Roberts
Karen Schwind
Gerald Sheppard
Kirk Shook
Tim Adderholt
Kenneth Cathcart
Nathaniel Darnell
Louis DeBroux
Judy Griffin
Trey Kelley
Brian Laurens
Patrick Mayer
Larry Mrozinski
Boyd Parks
Jack Staver
Justin Tomczak
Rose Wing
Johnell Woody
James Anderson
Sherry Barnes
Linda Clarkson
Steve Croft
Brittany Dasher
Bob Finnegan
Dewey Galeas
Cathleen latham
Scott Shepherd
William Stauff
Catherine Wrighter
Della Ashley
Angela Bean
Vikki Consiglio
Matthew Krull
Ryan Leonard
Ron Moon
Dawn Strickland-Crook
Casie Bryant
David Duke
Andy Garner
Judy Grammer
Joanna Hildreth
Nancy Hollingshed
Larry Hutcheson
Charles Payne
Larry Reynolds
Blake Silvers
Rocky Swann

Kevin Tisdel


"As momentum for the 'SEC Primary' continues to grow, likely candidates for president are beginning to realize that the road to the White House runs through Georgia," said Secretary of State Brian Kemp, who spearheaded efforts to secure speakers for the 2015 State Party Convention.  "We are excited to welcome Governor Christie to Georgia and look forward to hearing his vision for America's future."

Governor Christie and Sec. Kemp will speak at a breakfast event on Friday, May 15, at 8:30AM in the Athena Ballroom at the Classic Center.  The GAGOP Convention begins at 2PM.

Georgia Republicans are heading back to the Classic Center in Athens for their biennial State Convention on May 15-16.

During the two-day event, in which delegates will vote on State Party officials and resolutions, numerous elected officials - including likely 2016 presidential candidates - will address the crowd of conservative leaders from around the state. 

Senator Marco Rubio

Florida senator and 2016 presidential candidate Marco Rubio will speak at the 2015 Georgia Republican Party Convention in Athens. 

Former Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives, Rubio was elected to the United States Senate in 2010.  He serves on the Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation, Committee on Foreign Relations, Select Committee on Intelligence, and the Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship.

Rubio announced his candidacy for president on April 13, 2015 at the Freedom Tower in Miami, Florida.

Senator Rubio is scheduled to speak on Friday, May 15, at approximately 3PM in the Athena Ballroom.  Times, locations, and availability for featured speakers during the convention are subject to change.

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