Sunday, May 10, 2015

A Lonely Mother's Day

This is so tragic! My friend Elizabeth is one of the many mothers across the United States who will have to spend Mother’s Day as a single parent because of our broken immigration system. Elizabeth is an American citizen and an honorably discharged veteran. She is a mother of two children, but she will not have her husband, Marcos, by her side this weekend to enjoy and celebrate their family.

Marcos was deported to Mexico in 2010, leaving her and both of her children alone in Cleveland, Ohio. Elizabeth struggles every day because the country she fought so hard to protect and serve has torn her family apart.  

For the past five years, Elizabeth has had to raise both of her children alone, telling them that their father is working in Mexico and dealing with their constant question: why?

Despite her best efforts to bring Marcos back home, the federal government refuses to let him reunite with his family in Ohio. Elizabeth’s petition to bring Marcos home was denied, and she is running out of options.

Families like Elizabeth’s should be allowed to reunify, and not continue to be torn under current immigration policies.

As an honorably discharged USMC veteran and current volunteer with the Marine Corps Honor Guard, Elizabeth should not have to choose between the person she loves and the country she fought to defend.  

This is not just about Mother’s Day. It is about Elizabeth’s service to this country, her love for Ohio, and for the thousands of mothers whose husbands want to be there for them, but the government won’t allow it.

Thank you for your support,

Lynn Tramonte

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