Saturday, May 16, 2015

Over Million People Living with Parkinson

AUGUSTA, GA (PR) – More than 60,000 Americans will be diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease this year, joining the nearly 1.5 million people – including actor Michael J. Fox – already living with PD.

The Georgia Regents Neuroscience Center – the state’s only National Parkinson Disease Center of Excellence – presented “Know More; Live More: Parkinson’s 101” and this free seminar was open to patients, families, and others affected by Parkinson's disease.

Georgia Regents Movement Disorder Specialists Drs. John Morgan and Julie Kurek were the presenters, and as special guest Dr. David G. Standaert, Professor and Chair of Neurology at the University of Alabama at Birmingham and Director of the UAB Bachmann-Straus Dystonia and Parkinson’s Disease Center of Excellence and the American Parkinson Disease Association’s Advanced Center for Parkinson Research.

Parkinson's disease affects men and women in almost equal numbers usually after age 65. PD is caused by a severe loss of dopamine production in the brain, limiting the smooth, coordinated function of the body's muscles and movement.

Warning signs include tremors or uncontrollable shaking; loss of smell; insomnia; constipation; and stiffness in the arms or legs that does not go away as you move. Because these signs are commonly associated with aging, it’s no surprise that many patients ignore them. But neurologists recommend seeing your doctor right away if you experience these symptoms since an earlier diagnosis could mean better interventions and treatment possibilities.

This free seminar was made possible by Medtronic and the National Parkinson Foundation.

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