Thursday, February 6, 2014

Speaker Boehner the RINO Must Go

AUGUSTA, GA (CR) - Brian Slowinski, Columbia County native and Non-Establishment Conservative Tea Party Republican candidate for Georgia's Open 10th Congressional District against 5 establishment candidates, is the second candidate in the country to publicly endorse the National Republican Trust PAC call for new House Leadership.

"We need to Fire Boehner and throw the rest of the Bums out!" Slowinski says. "For that we need a fresh new leadership team and a new political backbone strategy that stands us together instead of apart, and gives the voters a reasonable new conservative agenda to be for, instead of just running the RINO-Democrat-lite platform." Slowinski’s 5 Establishment Republican opponents have remained mum about if they will oppose the current GOP House leadership.

Republican candidates must pledge to oppose John Boehner for reelection as Speaker of the House when the new Congress convenes following the 2014 election. National Republican Trust PAC Executive Director, Scott Wheeler, stated that “Boehner seems to have forgotten that it was conservatives in the 2010 election that made his speakership possible, those voters were fed up with the political establishment and demanded change. But Boehner didn’t deliver.  He prefers to sit in the big chair and maintain the establishment status quo.”

The PAC will only endorse and support candidates who pledge to oppose Boehner if he seeks another term as Speaker of the House. The PAC’s new pledge follows Speaker Boehner’s recent attacks on conservative organizations that opposed the Ryan/Murray budget agreement and that were divisive and unnecessary, especially considering the bill that passed the House replaced real budget cuts with

Washington style tentative cuts that were even much smaller than the Sequester it replaced.  The recent House Republican Leadership push for amnesty is another reason to throw the bums out!
The National Republican Trust PAC is one of the largest conservative political action committees and has been the leader in the strategy of the conservative comeback.

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