Thursday, February 20, 2014

Georgia Seeking Regional Super Tuesday Primary

Atlanta, GA - Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp released a plan to make Georgia and other southern states key players in the 2016 Presidential Election.  Following the announcement of Kemp's Southeastern Regional "Super Tuesday" Primary proposal, Georgia Republican Party Chairman John Padgett issued the following statements of support:

"I fully support Secretary Kemp's efforts to schedule Georgia's Presidential Preference Primary on March 1, 2016 and encourage my fellow State Party leaders throughout the South to do the same. 

"For far too long, Georgia has been nothing more than a fundraising stop for candidates seeking their Party's nomination for President.  The Southeastern Regional 'Super Tuesday' Primary will give Georgians a voice and provide our state with the national platform it deserves.

"Brian Kemp has been an outstanding and effective leader for our state and I applaud his initiative and foresight on this issue.  He's making sure every Georgian's vote counts and our voices are heard all the way up to the White House."

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