Friday, February 14, 2014

Roundtree Thankful for Help

The Richmond County Sheriff’s Office would like to thank all the citizens of Augusta for their co-operation during this unprecedented Ice Storm.  The Sheriff made the decision to bring in all certified officers to assist with dealing with this incident. 

Prior to making this call the Sheriff’s Office was inundated with calls from Deputies volunteering to assist in any way possible to help clean up their city. 

Over 27 crews consisting of volunteers and sheriff’s deputies (4-5 officers per crew) were mobilized with chainsaws and equipment to help clear the downed trees that littered the roadways of our city.  The Sheriff’s Office would like to thank all the volunteers and citizens that came out to help in this endeavor. 

Due to the power outage the Sheriff’s Office also doubled the manpower for each shift allowing for more deputies to be in the neighborhoods and on the roadways to help secure businesses and homes. 
This extra manpower was also needed to man the numerous intersections that had inoperable traffic signals and helped in conducting welfare checks on citizens of our city that could not make contact with their loved ones. 

The Sheriff’s Office would also like to thank the numerous agencies that sent officers to assist in securing our city.

LT. Calvin J. Chew
Richmond County Sheriff's Office

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