Sunday, March 11, 2012

Boycott USA Elections 2012

Prominent religious figures and activists in the country are not letting out the possibility of calling for a boycott of the elections in November, frustrated by the anti immigrant policies and the lack of support from Republicans and Democrats for a comprehensive immigration reform. Without the Latino electorate neither party could have a winning number. Former President Bush received 33% of the Latino vote and President Obama 67%.

During the 2010 Census undocumented people were called to respond to the Census that gave an estimated $4000 per respond to the communities where they lived and then, in the case of Georgia, because the increase of that population gives one seat more in Congress. In response to the participation of the undocumented people in the 2010 Census, in 2011 more than a dozen of states, including HB 87 of Georgia, passed and become laws, scaring and dividing families. Many of this fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, aunts, grandparents have to leave the same counties that are benefiting for their participation in the Census.

GOP candidates cannot appease the TEA PARTY and Latinos at the same time, particularly when many within the Tea Party (such as Sen. Marco Rubio) have supported harsh anti-immigrant laws. The only way out of this toxic mess is for Republicans to address the broken immigration system with a free market solution in which they claim to stand for.

GOP Candidates must learn that Rubio created a wedge between Cuban and Mexican relations when he supported Arizona’s harsh law and voiced against the DREAM Act. Rubio has been disingenuous in claiming he is against “amnesty” while his own Floridian and Cuban immigrants have benefitted from Cuban amnesty as well as tax payer government funded benefits once their foot touches dry American soil.

Those of Mexican descent - and from other countries - are not asking for government benefits, they are simply asking for a reasonable solution to the broken immigration system.

Republican political party has made its debut with its anti Latino & anti Mexican leave the country type rhetoric and sentiment from the Bush Era forward in the past decade, leaving many Latinos and Mexican people, regardless of citizenship or not, feeling left out, non represented and left out of the democratic process.

The second class citizen thing, the whole idea of being left out is unacceptable and inexcusable to the minority people, who help contribute with paying taxes, holding more jobs to receive equal pay, to pay equal costs, with higher interest rates, and being consumer marketed targets.

Some of these racist, hate and disparity policies have not just been against migrants who are undocumented for labor migration, it has effected and bled over spilling onto every American Latino and Mexican American, being profiled by policy into one single category to be discriminated upon.

These policies have effected the Mexican and Latino communities, with their children's education, the soldiers being denied honor and respect for serving and their families whom they have fought for the freedoms of other families to enjoy, side by side, and for generations of wars.

Americans are allowed to drive in other countries, and are not criminalized to be detained or not allowed to re enter, due to criminalizing laws to lay the disqualifications to re enter, aka self-deportation laws or policies of conservatism.

Same goes for emergency services at hospitals for children, elderly and women where in most countries allow treatment for Americans, regardless of vacationing, dual residency, or just vacation seasonal homes too.

Not so neighborly, when it comes to the teachings of Jesus and being a good Christian, and the second commandment being so important, while the Republican Preaching they are the Moral Christian Party.

History books removed Latino and Mexican History, regardless of being American or teaching the children about the dealings with Mexico and other Latin countries who have always been a part of included American History, since America does not only include only itself as American History, and is comprised of a diverse we are one nation foundation.

The calling for the boycott of the elections in November 2012 is the way the Latino electorate can respond to Republicans and Democrats politicians whom policies toward immigration reform has being historically just a tool to be voted. President George Walker Bush was given "capital" to spend on immigration reform with a majority in power, then was given to president Barack Obama, also with a majority in Congress from 2006/10 and the Senate but they rather took that capital to spend it somewhere else.

Boycotting the elections will take that "capital" from either party and probably will force both parties to negotiate and compromise not only on immigration policies but on improving the Affordable Care Act, ending wasteful wars, and start helping millions of homeless and unemployed Americans.

It is seems that voting is not producing results. We are told that if we don't vote we cannot complain. Maybe boycotting the general elections could be our most powerful complain ever emphasizing in local elections instead, such as school boards, commissions, mayors, judges and sheriffs.

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