Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Regime Change in Full Swing in Augusta

AUGUSTA, GA - One of the priorities Mr. Fennoy will have to introduce in his agenda starting January 2013 is related to the role of local government. For so many years taxpayers and residents of Richmond County have experienced a complete disregard for what municipalities exist in the first place.

Many supporters who came at the last minute to save the District 1 seat of continuing in that dysfunctional role, of 'improving' 1 mile around downtown but leaving the rest of Augusta the same, are going to be watching very close the agenda of Mr. Fennoy, which must include returning the city to its taxpayers providing all the services supposed to offer and maintain.

In the last few years in a 1 mile of downtown was invested tax money more than $300 millions in big constructions. What the regular taxpayer received? Less services and failed privatizations of services.

A reliable Augusta Public Transit it is one of those issues that won't go away, and the formation of a Transportation Authority to deal with it will be pressed. There is an authority for almost everything in town and beyond, but the body that should be taking care of putting a mass transportation to serve the heart of the economy is absent and the APT is operating as the Cinderella of all the public services in Augusta.

Fennoy was a member of the Coliseum Authority. He knows better.



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