Friday, December 28, 2012

CCA and Georgia Power: People of the Year

Who’s the most important person of the year? Time magazine says Barack Obama, but it is the American corporation. Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney reminded us of the legal fiction of corporate personhood during the past summer’s presidential campaign—“corporations are people, my friend!”— and the winners in 2012 are Corrections Corporations of America (CCA) and Georgia Power.

With record numbers of Americans and foreign humans detained in private jails and profits made with each of them per day CCA won the title of Person of the year at national level. In the state Georgia Power is the 2012 Person of the year. 

The company managed to unite democrats and republicans at the General Assembly, and accept union workers to build the two new reactors at Plant Vogtle in spite of Georgia being a right to work state. Georgia Power has being extra profiting with free money from customer since 2010 thanks to SB 31, a state law that allow Georgia Power to collect a tax from their customers to built both reactors. 

Also, Georgia Power has donated, probably part of that free money, to The Imperial Theater,  which in turn will be a deductible to pay less tax.  Georgia Power has demonstrated to be one of the most geniuses enterprise ever, compared only at a lower level by Augusta Riverfront, LLC and the TEE Center, in that case built with taxpayers money from Richmond County, thanks to the county commissioners and the Mayor.

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