Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Parking Deck Contract Rushed

AUGUSTA, GA - The contract to manage the Parking Deck between Augusta Riverfront, LLC and the City of Augusta passed Monday during a special meeting of the Richmond County Commission. Uncovered months ago the very profitable contract, written by Augusta Riverfront, LLC and almost agreed by the Richmond County Commission citizens learned that without oversight by taxpayers themselves Commissioners and the Mayor are not to be trusted. What was the rush to agree?

In less than 3 months new Commissioners will be elected and they might have other ideas to improve the very messy deal with the Trade, Exhibit and Event (TEE) Center and the Parking Deck, but no, the Mayor and the Commissioners, 6 of then, decided that is time after 9 months to get over and move on to more pressing issues, such as cleaning the storm drainage system and improving the Augusta Public Transit among others?

The desperation to reach an agreement with the Augusta Riverfront, LLC is just another example of the  lack of direction of the City Government and the priorities of the Augusta leadership outside down.

While people cannot get to work due to an Augusta Public Transit left to die slowly and people losing their houses for permanent flooding in every rain, just to mention two major issues, some Commissioners and the Mayor are bragging about a Parking Deck and a TEE Center.

If it wasn't for many people watching the watchers of Richmond County Commission taxpayers could have given Augusta Riverfront, LLC tax money almost for free.

On November 6 several Commission seats are for grab and the electorate better chose candidates who will read the agreements, the budget and keep their eyes open, otherwise Richmond County taxpayers will continue in the pockets of those few who still control power and influence to their benefits.

And by the way, Commissioner Corey Johnson suggested to contract somebody to write contracts and agreements with the City. Why the Legal Department cannot do that job? Why the contracts and agreements written by Augusta Riverfront, LLC or any entity are not challenged?

This tree branch was scratching cars roof on John St. behind Augusta State University. Off course, the priority of City Government is helping Augusta Riverfront, LLC and other businesses with tax money collected instead of putting on services that a local government exist for.  

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