Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Regime Change in Augusta

AUGUSTA, GA - The victory today of Richard Roundtree in the runoff for Sheriff of Richmond County could be seen as the most significant defeat of the Augusta leadership. Most influential politicians, conservative and liberal business man and woman, and public officials from Mayor Deke Copenhaver to the retiring Sheriff Ronald Strength supported and campaigned for Cap. Scott Peebles. The same conclusion could be made with the defeat of Rick W. Allen by Lee Anderson. 

In the November 6 elections Roundtree will have more chance to win against his republican opponent as the democrat John Barrow will have against Anderson in retaining his seat in the Congressional District 12. They are counting with the massive get out the vote of democrats to reelect Barack Obama which will bring more electorate for them.

Other big loser today was the owner of The Augusta Chronicle who was also over confident in the winning of Allen and Peebles. 

The winning of Roundtree in November would end decades of power for a selected group of people in Augusta, according to experts in local politics. The Sheriff Office is considered the second most powerful position in the city and in the Central Savannah River Area. 


8/31/2012: Cap. Scott Peebles endorses Lt. Richard Roundtree. 
8/29/2012 - Sheriff's candidate Lt. Richard Roundtree has issued a statement about allegations his campaign promised a car to a woman for bringing voters to the poll to vote for him.

"I am not aware of nor have I been contacted by anyone from Secretary of State Office regarding my campaign. However, I am aware of an Incident Report filed with the Sheriff's Office. I find the report to be so absurd that I will not add any credibility to it by commenting any further to its content. I look forward to continuing my campaign and I ask that the voters will support me in November. Thank you."

-> Statement after Richmond County Sheriff Ronnie Strength endorsed Roundtree's opponent, Freddie Sanders.

"I certainly understand and respect the Sheriff’s decision to support his friend. Endorsements are fine but I have always said this is the people’s campaign. The response of the people has been tremendous.

I respectfully disagree with the Sheriff about his statement concerning political parties but I reach out my hand and ask every person for their support.

Only by working together can we bring the community together, heal any wounds and work towards a brighter future.

Thank you and I look forward to continuing the people’s campaign."

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