Wednesday, December 5, 2012

GPB Hiring Chip Rogers Criticized

"One of the most anti-immigrant Senators is purportedly resigning from his Georgia State Senate position. Once a man who was 'inline' for a possible US Senate position is now quitting. This could effectively shut him out of future possible leadership as quitting is never a good approach for future office. Yet another blow for the hardliners of extreme intolerant right in Georgia loosing a very powerful and influential supporter."- Erik Voss posted in GIRRC - Georgia Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition.

State Sen. Chip Rogers, until recently one the state Legislature’s most visible leaders, is stepping down from office after accepting a new “dream” job with Georgia Public Broadcasting that he said will also allow him to spend more time with his family. The decision came only weeks after Rogers decided not to seek re-election as the Senate’s majority leader, one of the most powerful positions in the chamber. He held the title for four years, including a tumultuous break with Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle for control of the Senate chamber. The move also came after a series of missteps, including a failed bank loan and public disclosure of Rogers’ work for a sports gambling network.

"It is good news that he is leaving the State Senate, however it is incredulous that Georgia Public Broadcasting is hiring him to lead new programming. I believe that as taxpayers and activists we have to demand that GPB reverse their decision to hire, using public funds, a bigot and detriment to the community-unless he is willing to come out and admit that what he did regarding the immigrants in this state is wrong. I am willing to initiate and/or work on such an initiative."
Richard Pellegrino Cobb Immigrants Alliance.

GPB is part of the national public broadcast chain and constantly has being pressure by the ultra conservatives in Rogers's Republican Party in cutting funds, specially for those "liberals" in content. It is seems that hiring him is one way to weaken those pressures and avoid the firing of Big Bird and Sesame Street production.


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