Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Augusta DDA Loses CADI and Confidence

AUGUSTA, GA - In the last marathon session of the Richmond County Commission the Downtown Development Authority (DDA) not only was defunded to keep the Clean Augusta Downtown Initiative (CADI), but at the same time open the pandora box on how the DDA operates, and probably the other more of a dozen entities known as authorities and boards. The lack of six votes to pass the extension of the program certainly was a vote of no confidence to the DDA. (VIDEO)

In January 2013 four new commissioners will join the other six currently in terms and one commissioner already is looking to do some research not only how the DDA is conducting business but most all other authorities and boards, from planning, canal to aviation. These entities suppose to keep informed the Commission but they act with absolutely discretion and many times with disregard of the Commission. Some of these authorities are not even open to the public, but they receive taxpayers money.

The 2013 session of the Augusta-Richmond County Commission will probably start with new distribution of seating of the 10 commissioners. The idea apparently is to put friends of Mayor Deke Copenhaver close to him so when it comes to vote he will know the preferences in his ears. Silly idea or not, could create some disturbances.

Silliness aside, the Commission will endure several lawsuits, that could have being avoided, decisions about improving the Augusta Public Transit and putting back the city government to the taxpayers hands and not keeping it to a few power brokers in downtown.

But probably the most intricate issue will be the contract with the Augusta Riverfront, LLC to manage and operate the Augusta Conventions, a.k.a. Trade, Exhibit and Event (TEE) Center, and the parking deck, building not approved by the voters of the county.

If 2012 was a heck of a year for city government wait until the new year start.
Good Bye 2012 and Good Luck with 2013!


Empty Stocking

The geniuses behind the pedestrian bridge between the TEE Center and the parking deck won't have their Christmas Stocking with the almost $1 million construction. The Commission did not approve the motion to go ahead with it at its last session.


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