Thursday, August 23, 2012

US Congressional District 12th Nightmare

When redistricting took place and several districts, such as the US Congressional District 12th, held by democratic John Barrow, and the geographical lines changed, many in the ruling parties, Democratic and Republican, probably overlooked the influential electorate formed by non traditional electorate. I am talking about the different backgrounds of citizenry that involve those lines changed and with that the new voters added or subtracted.

It is clear for some phone calls, text messaging and emails brought to my attention that the incumbent John Barrow was not used to be confronted by his fellow democrats and specially regarding his vote record as a democrat.

Well, Mr. Barrow, get used to because those principled democrats are going to question your vote record as never before and you will have to answer to your new constituents, you like it or not, in Columbia and Richmond counties.

Personally I have visited your office in two occasions to talk about issues that are dear to the immigrant community and others such as protecting Social Security, Medicare, the end of the wars, support to the Single Payer System, bringing the troops home and cutting the Defense budget.

Also, Mr. Barrow, I went to your office to ask you to fight for the privacy of Americans and keeping local, state and federal governments out of our bedroom and marriage. At those times I think I was not important to you because I was not in your district so it didn't matter to hear what I have to tell you. I wanted to tell you in your face but you were busy, according to your stuff.

Your biggest problem today, Mr. Barrow is that the Republicans put me in your district and like me other thousands of voters dissatisfied with your voting record. And now your seat is in my hand. Life always bring surprises. Right?

When I was constituent of Mr. Paul Broun in the 10th District I knew I will be talking to the wall in his office. But being ignored by you, Mr. Barrow, it feels like I was ignored by a family member, not by a strange visitor in town.

Nevertheless, I am looking forward to participate at the debate between you and Lee Anderson. It will be painful.


To the 12th District electorate: If you are one of those dissatisfied voters on November 6 Write In for Anibal Ibarra. Write In that name as a protest vote. At least you are not going to vote for somebody who will ignore your principles.

For decades we have being told that the only way is voting for Democrats or Republicans, and is because they will respond to their parties if they are not principled. Well, in the Democratic Party Barrow and the likes are called "blue dogs" and in the Republican Party; Republican In Name Only (RINO).

In the beginning groups elected their leaders yelling, applauding or Writing In on the sand the name of their candidates. In 2012 Write In the candidate of your choice. It is undeniable that our electoral process is as broken as the candidates imposed by the super pacs and the parties machines.

The wining of Richard Roundtree in the Democratic runoff for Richmond County Sheriff demonstrates that the power of the electorate can bit influential parties machines, and super pacs, and put back the power on the people.

By the way, Republicans voted in the Democratic primary to elect a Republican as a candidate for Sheriff to run against a Republican on November 6, supported by many Democrats in office. Since the Republican didn't win in the Democratic runoff but a Democrat, Rountree, the Republicans are going to do the impossible November 6 to elect a Republican as Sheriff, Freddie Sanders.

Confused? You are not alone.

Anibal Ibarra 

(Feel free to correct my English)

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