Thursday, August 9, 2012

Rick W. Allen Should Thank Anderson

AUGUSTA, GA - The following is a press release sent by Lee Anderson campaign, who is running for the seat hold by democratic John Barrow in the 12th Congressional District.  Allen and Anderson are the republicans opponents in the Aug. 21 runoff. Barrow probably will have a lot of manure to throw without any effort since both opponents are giving him all the information to attack the winner starting Labor Day. 
"Below is a point by point fact check of Rick Allen's ridiculous distortions, false attacks and hypocrisy.
Also, documentation of Rick Allen's record of support for liberal candidates and causes can be found by clicking here.

FACT CHECK #1: "Hospital Bed Tax" Was Really A Tax Reform Package With a $387 Million Tax Cut.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution reported on April 14, 2010 that the state legislature voted on HB1055, a large scale tax reform bill that was rated a $387 million TAX CUT for Georgians.  A component of this tax reform bill was a small 1.45 percent fee imposed on hospital revenue.  This fee was actually requested by Georgia's hospitals as a way to help improve their Medicaid funding formula.  The tax reform bill also included phasing out income taxes on seniors and eliminating the state property tax. We're confident the landowners, farmers, homeowners and seniors greatly appreciate this huge tax cut. The AJC article referenced here is provided in its entirety at the bottom of this email.

FACT CHECK #2:  $800 Million Tax Hike?  That's the Voter Approved T-SPLOST.  Is Rick Allen Attacking the Majority of Voters Who Approved T-SPLOST?

HR277, cited in Allen’s TV ad as "proof" of Lee Anderson imposing a $800 million tax hike, is the recent T-SPLOST referendum in which voters could choose to impose a 1 cent sales tax to fund infrastructure projects.  As Lee Anderson has consistently stated throughout the campaign, Lee voted in the State House to give the people the power to decide to tax themselves, and he voted yes on the referendum on his personal ballot.  But he repeatedly stated that the choice was ultimately up to the voters.  They could vote for or against this measure like any SPLOST.  The voters in the 12th voted yes.  Apparently Rick Allen thinks all the voters in the 12th District conspired with Barack Obama to harm themselves or that the voters should be condemned for supporting any SPLOST.  

FACT CHECK #3:    ALLEN HYPOCRISY RUN AMUCK:  Rick Allen Is Funding His Campaign With The Millions He Has Made Off Of Taxpayer Funded Government Construction Projects – Like SPLOST Funded Schools and Government Facilities.

According to Rick Allen, Lee Anderson is worse than Obama because he put a SPLOST on the ballot and he personally voted for it.  Yet Rick Allen is a "real conservative" because he makes millions off of building the voter-approved/SPLOST funded projects?

FACT CHECK #4:  Lee Anderson Has a Proven, Conservative Record of Cutting Taxes.  

Aside from Lee Anderson’s tax reform vote that led to a $387 MILLION tax cut for Georgians, State Representative Lee Anderson worked closely with Governor Nathan Deal, Speaker David Ralston and Republican leaders from across the state to pass the Georgia Jobs and Family Tax Reform law (HB386) this past legislative session.
According to Governor Deal’s office, this critical tax reform package helped land the new billion dollar Baxter Pharmaceuticals facility in Walton County and the new Caterpillar plant near Athens creating thousands of new jobs.  It is expected to contribute to the creation of thousands more jobs across the state in the coming years.
The 2012 Georgia Jobs and Family Tax Reform law that Lee Anderson strongly supported also:
  • Eliminates the state sales tax on energy used in manufacturing.
  • Reduces the marriage penalty in our income tax code by cutting income taxes for married couples.
  • Eliminates the “birthday tax” on motor vehicles.
  • Reinstates for sales tax holidays for back-to-school and green energy purchases.
  • Revises sales tax exemptions on agriculture to ensure fairness and consistency.
  • E-Fairness: Broadens the tax base and increases fairness by making online retailers play by the same rules as everyone else.
  • Curtails abuse in our conservation easement income tax credit program for donation of conservation easements while maintaining this credit program.
  • Caps retirement income exclusion for seniors at current level of $65,000 ($130,000 per couple).
  • Eliminates sales tax exemption for film productions.
  • Creates a one percent sales tax exemption on commercial aviation fuel to make our fuel rates more competitive with other major airports."

From Lee Anderson:  "I guess some people will say or do anything to get a title for their portfolio.  I am very disappointed that Rick Allen would insult the voters like this and twist a great Republican tax reform bill into something bad.  I'm sure his next TV ad will attack Governor (Nathan) Deal and me for the job creating tax reform bill we passed this year.  Rick, hypocrisy is not a Georgia value, and you shouldn't attack the voters for the choices they make."

From Reagan Williams, Anderson Campaign Manager:  "We expect to see Rick Allen continue these false attacks as he uses the millions of dollars he has made from taxpayer funded government contracts to try to buy a seat in Congress.  But Rick Allen's money does not entitle him to his own 'facts'.  Lee Anderson is a proven conservative with a long history of supporting tax reforms that cut taxes for Georgians.  All of Rick's false attacks won't distract voters from his hypocrisy, his contributions to liberal Democrats, and his contributions to groups supporting Obama's stimulus and Democrat John Barrow."
From Joel McElhannon, Anderson Campaign Consultant:  "In my 20 years in politics, I have rarely seen this kind of hypocrisy by a politician.  Rick Allen should've used some of his millions to hire someone to do some basic research.  The lack of factual credibility in this ad should be considered malpractice."

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