Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Harrisburg Welcome Walmart, Really?

Dr. Azziz is having hard time to accomplish some things and when it does, changing the name of MCG to GHSU at a cost of $3 millions, the Georgia Board of Regents decided to merge ASU with GHSU. That will probably will cost another $3 millions. We only hope the funds will come from somewhere else not taxpayers money, again.

On the topic of Walmart, many neighbors from Harrisburg told this blogger that is not what commissioner Bowles wants to see as a landlord, who is not even from District 1 where the megastore suppose to be built, but is what the Harrisburg community desire to have in exchange for Kroger. This blogger and many neighbors from Harrisburg were not consulted by the foundation, Matt Aitken (Commissioner District 1) or any party involved on those closed doors dealings and we surely don't appreciate being in the dark. 

Last year the Georgia Conservancy and the Georgia Institute of Technology's Urban Design Studio conducted the Harrisburg Blueprints Community Workshops and presented their findings to redesign the area. At that time this blogger sat next to Mayor Deke Copenhaver and Commissioner Aitken. Both never indicated anything about the intentions of Walmart coming to town. 

Or they know how to keep secrets from their constituents during a workshop talking precisely on possibilities about Kroger or they didn't know anything until the last minute before they approve the offer from Walmart. In both cases, the neighbors who put time, effort and money in those workshops were idealistic poor sorry things. 

Option1: Acquire vacant lots and Kroger property. Re-subdivide for alleys and streets in the Kroger property. Infill with single family and multi-family housing. Walmart as Option 2 was not mentioned by anybody during the presentation of the Georgia Conservancy last year. 

The public was informed at that time that Kroger lease is up at the end of the year and that the company intention is to move somewhere else.

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