Sunday, March 11, 2012

Ten Commandments in the War on Poverty

ATLANTA, GA - Republican legislators are asking georgians to pray more, carry gun, and criminalizing abortion, among other things in order to combat poverty in the state. The latest weapon against hunger, foreclosures and jobless is a new law that will put the Ten Commandments in full view everywhere. If you are Jew or Muslim or Baha'i or Atheist might want to move to a place where is respected freedom of religion, like a country called the United States of America.

Georgia's poverty rate has risen rapidly since 2008, and by 2010 it reached the highest since 1983, making it the third poorest state.

So, what is the Georgia legislature doing about this? It's working on getting the Ten Commandments displayed on all public buildings, even schools. 

The House has already passed this bill unanimously. If it passes the Senate, Georgia will waste more time and money on these displays while many of its citizens continue to face home and job losses.» 

Don't you think this is more than a little hypocritical? The Christian values of helping the poor seem to be all but forgotten. In addition, this bill is ironically turning the Ten Commandments into icon worship, which the Commandments actually forbid. 

Not to mention this bill is highly unconstitutional, ignoring religious freedoms. 

Tell Georgia to stop wasting money on religious icons and take care of pressing issues, such as its poverty!

Rachel M.

AS: According to some in the know, Democrats were ambushed by the Republicans and dems "have no choice" but to vote with the majority in a "bipartisan" spirit. Only the Holy Spirit knows why the Democrats, not one in the House of Representatives, did not vote against the bill.

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