Sunday, August 9, 2015

Families "United" in Detention Centers

WASHINGTON, DC (PR) — The National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health (NLIRH) is disappointed by the Obama administration’s response to a July 24 ruling to release asylum-seeking mothers and children from immigration detention. President Obama has decided to appeal the ruling and will not comply with Judge Gee’s accurate determination that family detention is unlawful, as it violates a 20-year-old landmark case governing the treatment of immigrant children.

Jessica González-Rojas, Executive Director for the National Latina Institute of Reproductive Health, said “It is deeply troubling to see that despite nationwide outcries calling for an end to family detention, including most recently a letter from nearly 200 Members of Congress, President Obama and his administration continue to defend the practice of detaining children and families who have fled their home countries for survival’s sake.

“These women and their children have braved a journey of unimaginable trauma and adversity only to face confinement, punishment, and cruel and inhumane treatment in our nation.

“The administration’s response is a wrong turn on the road to bring about real and meaningful change to our nation’s broken immigration system. NLIRH will continue fighting to ensure fair treatment and uphold due process rights for all families seeking safety and protection.

“We strongly urge the administration to end the practice of family detention.”

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