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Unprecedented Actions by Minorities in Augusta

"Kangaroo Court" and Impeachment for the Mayor 

AUGUSTA, GA (Anibal Ibarra) - UPDATE 3/25/2015: The Asian American woman entrepreneur after the third request finally was allowed the coveted permit to open her business. Six commissioners gave the OK to Mrs. Kartye while Commissioner Sammie Saias called "Kangaroo Court" the vote procedure and some in the audience yelled "impeach the Mayor". A request to comply with federal laws regarding interpreters for non-native speakers residents was taken as "information."

According to an open records act requested by anibalshow.com, Richmond County paid $100,254.26 during FY 2014 and was budgeted $125,390.00 for FY 2015 to cover legal ads. Now the immigrant community would like to see some funds to be dedicated to interpreters. The issue presented to the Commission is part of an unprecedented mobilization of other minorities, besides de black majority in government, to be heard. The session was called on Wednesday 25 due to the recess during the Masters tournament of golf, apparently. 

From American with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance to the right of an Asian American woman to do business in the county, now the challenge to city officials is to offer non-English speaker residents interpreters. The Augusta Chronicle is the legal organ for Richmond County therefore all public notices must be published by the daily, leaving the non-English speaking residents without vital information. 

That's not all. In the judicial system an interpreter means for the defendant innocent, prison for life or death penalty sentence. In the medical field an interpreter could be the life or dead of the patient.

Being the only Spanish multimedia in Augusta, anibalshow.com is doing its best to bring information to the non-English speaker population. Occasionally, this site and Mr. Ibarra have to do interpreting and translation services without pay, since there is no other way for the immigrant community to be informed, independently.

Mrs. Salamanca stated after her presentation that she was aware the Commission won't take any action about her petition. "Next time I probably have to come and read the law to city officials. This is the first step that nobody want to deal with but is unfortunate that without demands laws on the books are being ignored."

Why taxpayers have to threat of litigation every time there are issues with compliance of the law? That is the question the public servants in Richmond County just got so confortable to respond, or not. Mrs. Kartye case was at the verge of a lawsuit in order to have the permit for her liquor store.  

AUGUSTA COMMISSION - 2 PM - 535 Telfair Street, Augusta, GA 30901 - 3/25/2015

INVOCATION: Rev. Beotis Clark, Pastor, Jerusalem Missionary Baptist Church
Five (5) minute time limit per delegation 


Ms. Katie B. DeLaigle
RE:  Family Portraits and Documents housed in the Gatehouse at Magnolia Cemetery.

Ms. Jennifer Salamanca
RE:  Compliance with the law to provide an interpreter to citizens and residents that speak a different language than English. As stated in the 14th amendment.


(Items 1-3)

Motion to approve Year 2015 – 2019 Consolidated Plan and 2015 Action Plan for Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program, Home Investment Partnerships (HOME) Program, Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) Program, Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS (HOPWA) Program.  (Approved by Administrative Services Committee October 27, 2014)  

Motion to approve the minutes of the regular meeting of the Commission held on March 17, 2015.

Motion to approve the appointment of Mr. Frank Bowman to the Augusta Aviation Commission at Bush Field representing District 6. (Requested by Commissioner Hasan)

REGULAR AGENDA (Watch the entire session here

(Items 4-16)

Request to approve a Resolution to support the Fiscal Year 2016 Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Section 5303 Metropolitan Planning Grant.

Request approval of the revised Title VI Civil Rights Program(s) pertaining to federal funding under the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) and federal aid funds under the Federal Highway Administration received by Augusta Planning and Development Department and Augusta Public Transit Department.

New Ownership Application:  A. N. 15 - 16:  A request by Lisa Kay Monroe for an on premise consumption  Liquor, Beer, & Wine License to be used in connection with Monroe Restaurant Group, LLC, located at 816 Cotton Lane.  There will be Dance.  There will be Sunday Sales.  District 1. Super District 9.

New Ownership Application:  A. N. 15 - 17:  A request by Ester Renee Clayton for an on premise consumption Liquor, Beer, & Wine License to be used in connection with 706 Lounge located at 2623 Deans Bridge Road.  There will be Dance. District 2.  Super District 9.

Motion to approve New Application: A. N. 15 - 06:  request by Ok Pun Kartye for a retail package Liquor, Beer & Wine license to be used in connection with OK Wine & Spirits located at 2811 Tobacco Rd. There will be Sunday Sales.  Subject to the license not being sold until the trailer in the rear is completely dismantled and the fence screening is in place. District 4. Super District 9.  (Approved by Public Services Committee February 23, 2015) (No action taken in Commission meetings March 3 and March 17, 2015) (Requested by the Petitioner)

Discussion: A request by Shawn Ledford for Homer LLC DBA Mellow Mushroom Pizza Bakers located at 1167 Broad St. for a One Day Alcohol Special Event license for April 9, 2015. (Masters Week Block Party 12th St. between 1167 Broad St. and Jones St.) District 1. Super District 10.

Discussion: A request by Michael Evertsen for Tin Lizzy's Taqueria Cantina located at 2821 Washington Rd. for an Alcohol Special Event license for 7 day April 6th thru April 12, 2015. (Masters Week in the parking lot). There will Sunday Sales. District 7. Super District 10. 

Approve the bid proposal submitted by Jacobs Land Management for the Landscaping and Irrigation for the Additions and Modernizations to the Municipal Building in the amount of $109,708.00 including Add Alternate No. 1.

Approve agreement with Cartegraph, Inc. to acquire 3D Imagery and Earthmine Software. RFP 14-213

Approve Public Official Liability Insurance with RSUI Indemnity Company for a premium charge of $68,695 for policy period April 19, 2015 to April 19, 2016.

Receive as information preliminary financial reports for the year ended December 31, 2014.

Consider a request from Commissioner Bill Fennoy on behalf of the Downtown Development Authority to appoint Mr. Rick Keuroglian, III to fill the seat on the Board created by the resignation of Mr. Sanford Loyd. 

A. Pending and Potential Litigation.

B. Real Estate.

C. Personnel.

Motion to authorize execution by the Mayor of the affidavit of compliance with Georgia's Open Meeting Act.

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  1. Friends,
    This meeting is very important and I would like to encourage all our Hispanic leaders and friends to be there in support of Mrs. Jennifer Salamanca and the compliance of the law to provide an interpreter for non english speaking citizens and residents in our city / county . The Hispanic community stand together looking for creatives ways to be part of this great city and to contribute in a positive way on the solutions of the many challenges we face.
    We are ready to be team players_ it is a fact that our Hispanic brothers and sisters are now the largest minority in the United States of America. We are no longer the "others"
    In a community that for the longest has treated the issues between racial lines and only considering whites or blacks. Diversity and unity is the "New Deal" if we really want to see, One Augusta!