Friday, March 6, 2015

EV Charging Station in Augusta

AUGUSTA, GA (PR) - Georgia Regents University (GRU) leaders unveiled the school’s first electric vehicle charging station, and demonstrate, using an all-electric Nissan Leaf provided by an area Nissan dealership, how the station works.

The EV charging station is located at the Student Center parking lot, Health Sciences Campus, 1459 Laney Walker Blvd.

The electric vehicle charging station is an example of GRU’s ongoing efforts to lead the way in environmental stewardship by developing, promoting, and implementing sustainable initiatives, states the press release. 

According to consulting firm ChargeUp, GRU is the only university in the state to have a 50kW DC Quick Charger, which can charge a plug-in electric or hybrid car in 17 to 22 minutes. GRU received the charging station with a grant administered through the Georgia Environmental Finance Authority.

Fact Sheet

o> This is GRU's first electric vehicle charging station

o> The station is a Signet 50kW DC Quick Charger

o> The station is compatible with Nissan Leafs, Mitsubishi i-MieEVs and some Tesla models

o> The station can charge charge a car in 17-22 minutes

o> Charging is provided at a minimal fee trough Greenlots, a provider of electric vehicle infrastructure

o> The fee is $5 per hour with a $2 minimum.

o> GRU is exploring other strategies to install additional stations on its campuses.

o> The public can use the charging station 24/7

Fees and 0 Tax Credit

At the General Assembly EV owners are being targeted. If the transportation bill passed, and Governor Nathan Deal do not veto it, owners of alternative vehicles would pay fees and incentive on tax credit stopped. 

67 "(7)(A) A special license plate to be issued for alternative fueled vehicles, which
68 license plate shall be similar in design to the license plate issued to all other residents
69 of the this state except that the commissioner shall place a distinctive logo or emblem
70 on the license plate which shall distinguish the vehicle as an alternative fueled vehicle
71 eligible to travel in travel lanes designated for such vehicles under paragraph (4) of
72 subsection (a) of Code Section 32-9-4. The words 'alternative fueled vehicle' shall be
73 imprinted on such special license plate in lieu of the county name decal. The funds
74 raised by the sale of this license plate shall be deposited in the general fund.

108 SECTION 2-2.
109 Said title is further amended by adding a new paragraph to subsection (a) of Code Section
110 40-2-151, relating to the annual license fees for the operation of vehicles, to read as follows:
111 "(19)(A)(i) Upon registration of an alternative fueled vehicle not operated
112 for commercial purposes ....................................... 200.00
113 (ii) Upon registration of an alternative fueled vehicle operated for
114 commercial purposes ......................................... 300.00
115 (B)(i) As used in this paragraph, the term 'alternative fueled vehicle' shall have the
116 same meaning as in division (l)(7)(B)(ii) of Code Section 40-2-86.1; provided,
117 however, that the fees in this paragraph shall not be assessed on vehicles which
118 operate primarily on compressed natural gas, liquefied natural gas, or liquefied
119 petroleum gas.
120 (ii) The fees in this paragraph shall be in addition to any other fee imposed on the
121 vehicle by this Code section.
122 (iii) The fees in this paragraph shall be automatically adjusted on an annual basis by
123 multiplying the percentage of increase or decrease in a given year in highway
124 construction costs as measured by the National Highway Construction Cost Index
125 published by the Office of Highway Policy Information of the Federal Highway
126 Administration by the current fee. The resulting calculation shall be added to the fees
127 assessed by this paragraph. The first adjustment shall be calculated and implemented
128 on July 1, 2016."

1 Title 48 of the Official Code of Georgia Annotated, relating to revenue and taxation, is
152 amended by revising subsection (b) of Code Section 48-7-40.16, relating to state income tax
153 credits for low-emission vehicles, as follows:
154 "(b)(1) A tax credit is allowed against the tax imposed under this article to a taxpayer for
155 the purchase or lease of a new low-emission vehicle or new zero emission vehicle that
156 is registered in the State of Georgia. The amount of the credit shall be:
157 (1)(A) For any new low-emission vehicle, 10 percent of the cost of such vehicle or
158 $2,500.00, whichever is less; and
159 (2)(B) For any new zero emission vehicle, 20 percent of the cost of such vehicle or
160 $5,000.00, whichever is less.
161 (2) For any new low-emission vehicle or new zero emission vehicle purchased or leased
162 on or after July 1, 2015, the amount of the credit shall be $0.00."

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